Camera speedfine

Junie 6, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

Metsimahole municipality send me this nice photo of one of my cars. Apparently someone used it and passed a speedtrap at a speed that they reckon is not legal. Only problem is that it was not me, as I was in Angola.  As a reasonable man, I would also never allow anyone to use the car to do someting illegal, thus they can go to hell. They cannot proof that I did anything wrong.

The only criminals here are they who are trying to use a photo of my car to get money from someone else. I never gave permission for them to take any photograph of my possessions, thus, they are wrong and did something illegal. Eeven worse, now they want to make money out of it..not in my lifetime will I allow that.

Blikskottel….is ready for this challenge.

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  1. HeavyHenry het gesê op Junie 6, 2011


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