Jy blaai in die argief vir 2011 Mei.

Groot gif in klein botteltjies

Mei 8, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

Ek weet deesdae word boks gesien as barbaars, maar enige iemand wat iets weet van boks, sal weet wie die persoon is…en waarom hy ‘n kunstenaar is. Shane Mosely se groot bek was vanmore goed toegeslaan en so ook baie Yankies hier waar ons werk. Nodeloos om te laat weet dat al die Filipyne fees vier en die Filistyne suurgat is.

Blikskottel…weet dat groot gif in klein botteltjies kom

Arranged marriages and cost of life

Mei 5, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

I work with people from all over the world and after 12 years it still amazes me how different we all are. Just yesterday I was speaking to a man from Koshi in India and he said that in his culture, marriages are arranged. Young men do not go out and look for a wife as that is done by his family.

He or the woman is not forced into the marriage as such, but still he accepted his parents choice of wife and married her within one week. The have been married for 6 years and have 2 children and from all appearences are happy.

Personally, for me this would be unthinkable….but then I suppose we accept things as we just grown up with our culture and customs.

The other interesting thing that he mentioned was that a normal family of 4 can live comfortably on 300-USD400 in India.  Someone earning USD1000/month would be considered pretty well of. A person like him who works internationally is considered rich although not stinking rich like the politicians or businessmen. He could retire right now, as he has enough in the bank to live of the interest alone…and all that at age 35 and only 3 years work outside India.

I wonder how many people in RSA will ever be able to do this, or even live just a normal, finacially stable life? Under ANC control, I fear very few indeed.

Blikskottel…has lots of blessings to be thankfull for and owe the freedom strugglers nothing.

Parys and other towns looted by the ANC

Mei 3, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

Reported in the Sunday Times, 28 April 2011

A leaked Auditor-General’s report on a cash-strapped Free State municipality shows an appalling record of financial mismanagement.

The report on the finances of Ngwathe local municipality – which includes the towns Parys, Heilbron, Vredefort, Koppies and Edenville and is part of the Free State’s Fezile Dabi district municipality – was presented at a closed council meeting two months ago.

Members of the Ngwathe ratepayers’ association have stopped paying rates to the municipality in protest at its mismanagement.

PAC Free State provincial secretary, Papi Mafubedu, is in possession of a dossier detailing allegations of mismanagement by the municipality.

He said: “In Abazimeli informal settlement in Ngwathe, there is no water, no toilets, no streets, no electricity, nothing. When there is a funeral there, it is very painful to watch. The hearse has to park far away from the body.”

An invoice shows that municipal bosses spent R180000 on 200 A5 diaries for top managers at a cost of nearly R1000 each.

The report, tabled at the council meeting in February, stated that the AG could not verify if assets worth R500-million really existed, because the municipality had no proper asset register.

The AG could not find any supporting documentation for car allowances of R4.4-million and R2.9-million of “other allowances” given to staff.

Another R7.5-million of capital expenditure “was not recorded in the accounting records of the municipality”.

The AG said it could not be determined if the municipality had indeed paid R14-million in subsidies to the indigent.

In the previous year, the municipality had overcharged to the tune of R2.3-million for water and electricity.

“Management could not provide sufficient appropriate audit evidence that these misstatements had been . and resolved,” the AG wrote.

About R85-million was spent on staff, but the AG could not confirm that this amount was accurate.

The municipality said it had underspent its budget for providing services by R3.9-million, but the AG said he could not confirm whether this was the actual amount.

That the municipality faces lawsuits of over R31-million had not been factored into its financial statements.

The AG could not find enough evidence that R8.2-million of VAT reimbursements to the municipality from the SA Revenue Service had been properly recorded by the municipality.

The municipality tried to claim a further R2.2-million of VAT from SARS. The Revenue Service did not allow this but the municipality never adjusted its books to reflect this.

Municipal bosses said R353-million of revenue had been generated but the AG could also not find evidence to support R167-million of this amount.

Seven months ago, a 2009 National Intelligence Agency investigation of petrol-card fraud in Ngwathe municipality found that most of the municipality’s cars were not running, but were being “filled”, every 15km, at a cost of up to R28000 a month.

Municipal manager Norman Selai has not responded to questions sent to his office two weeks ago. He promised to do so on several occasions

Blikskottel….wonder how we will ever get these criminals into jail, as the law enforcement agencies seems to do nothing.

My daughter, the 1st step to freedom

Mei 1, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

I was raised in a very concervative, but absolutely loving Afrikaans, Boer family. My dad worked at Iscor for 45 years and we were always advised to get a job with a good firm and stay with them as long as possible. Maybe it was right for our parents, but I realized at a young age that this might not work out for the younger generations.

Thus, after finishing my 2 year army stint, I joined Iscor and qualified as an Instrument technician, but soon after that left I for the goldmines of the Freestate. It took a few years for my dad to realize that this was indeed the right thing to do at the time.

But enough of me…

My wife and I have always raised our kids to be independant, to think for themselves and to always strive to be their own boss. My son, the eldest is now busy with his 3rd year at univercity and my daughter is at that age (going on 16) where fathers become very aware of boys noticing her…and she has everything that boys notice in abundance ….(but luckilly she has her head screwed on correctly in this regard).

She has always been like me, a schemer, dreamer and interested in business, so we decided to start a shop for her.

Thus Bling Bling Boutique came into being and opened last Saturday. For now, it is partnership between mom and daughter, but my daughter will pay back the money used to start up and then it will all be hers. It might sound harsh to do this to a 15 year old, but in the end she knows it will be more than worth it and we know that this is be a first step towards her financial independance.

Blikskottel..has many reasons to be proud of his family