Reserve banks are criminal institutions

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Some views and quotes on the Federal reserve bank:


I have unwittingly ruined my country. – W. Wilson, upon passage oI have unwittingly ruined my country. – W. Wilson, upon passage of Federal Reserve Act, 1913f Federal Reserve Act, 1913


Most Americans have no real understanding of the operation of the international money lenders. Theaccounts of the Federal Reserve system have never been audited. It operates outside the control of Congress and manipulates the credit of the United States. – Barry Goldwater, R-AZ


The Federal Reserve definitely caused the Great Depression by contracting the amount of currency in circulation by one third (1/3) from 1929 to 1933. – Milton Friedman



Now, how about a bit on the South African reserve bank?


“At the moment the Reserve Bank has the nation’s gold. But when I was the Chairman of the Finance Committee of the Durban Municipality, this thought occurred to me: ‘Here is the Durban Corporation with £10,000,000 of real assets over liabilities; machinery, land, buildings and we, its citizens, must borrow from a bank that has not £l,000,000 of capital in the country. We have to pledge our real assets and turn them into a municipal debt.’ I realised the impudence and the iniquity of it and that is why I say that all municipal and provincial finance should be controlled by a State institution.

“I have deliberately not used vague labels. I have not talked glibly of a ‘State Bank.’ If you had a State Bank in South Africa and it was under the present Minister, we would have no more than another branch of Barclay’s Bank.”

Thus spoke Senator Sidney J. Smith (Labour Party) in the Union Senate, April 1944. Senator Smith was the Senate’s youngest member at the time of his election, being then only 38 years of age. A member of the Durban Town Council in 1922, at the age of 21, he was the youngest Councillor in the Union’s history. Elected to the Natal Provincial Council in 1933, at 32 years of age, he was probably the “infant” member at that time.

He was an active member of the South African Labour Party since 1919, having held many Organising and Executive positions within the Party. He gave much of his time to a study of the Financial and Monetary Systems and appropriately enough did at least three terms as Chairman of the Finance Committee of the Durban City Council.

Senator Smith’s Senate speeches advocating an Honest Money System for South Africa were considered so important that he found much acclaim both near and far. Many overseas journals published his speeches. His words still hold true today.

Blikskottel…questions the whole economic and banking system. If the bank has the gold(money), what do we then have? Banknotes promising money??


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  1. TS het gesê op Mei 20, 2011

    as ons nou aandele koop is dit tog ook sleg want geld bly mos maar geld – eeeemmmmmm – of is dit nou ‘n blonde oomblik?

    Nog ‘n week en ‘n half?

  2. Blikskottel het gesê op Mei 20, 2011

    MMm, die probleem is dat wat jy koop, koop jy nie met geld nie, maar met ‘n stuk papier wat ‘n belofte maak dat jy regte geld daarvoor kan kry. Die goeie ding is dat jy dan iets van regte waarde het.

    Dink so daaraan: Vandag het jy ‘n R10 noot en jy kan twee blikkies ertjies daarmee koop. More het daai noot se waarde verswak en nou kan jy net een blikkie ertjies koop. wat sou beter wees, die noot of die twee blikke ertjies?

    Daar’s goeie rede hoekom sogenaamde “geld” in die bank nooit jou kan ryk maak nie. Verseker sal die waarde net minder word en al gaan dit op, sal die belastings die winste opvreet, dus is die ertjies nog steeds meer werd en as almal se “geld” op is, sal jou ertjies dit werd wees wat ookal jy wil he vir dit….dus ‘n moerske wins sal jy maak enin goud of enige anders sal jy betaling kan eis.

  3. Blikskottel het gesê op Mei 20, 2011

    O ja…ek tel die daggies af tot 2 Junie…

  4. Koop die Krugerrand.Dit is die enigste veilige manier teen die manewales van papier geld.

  5. Koop die Krugerrand.Dit is die enigste veilige manier teen die manewales van papier geld.

  6. Blikskottel het gesê op Mei 23, 2011

    Dis net die begin…volg my gerus en ek gaan nog baie meer uitwys…ja selfs in RSA beroof hulle ons.

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