Computer cheats at elections

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Computers the weak link (Acid tests)

Discrepancies in Pretoria figures  (1999 election)
The first acid tests was the Pretoria News printout, when the figures were finalised a week or so after 2nd June. This printout gave the voting figures at all the 206 polling stations in the Pretoria area, that is, the actual physical count. The computer gave its total in three separate groups: Pretoria, Verwoerdburg (now named Centurion) and Akasia.

If there were no cheat, the totals for the 206 polling stations in these three regions should naturally be identical. And they are not ! The shortfalls are similar for all Opposition parties, while there is no shortfall – in fact, a slight increase – for the ANC.


  Physical sum of Computer sum
  206 polling stations of 3 areas
ANC 238,974 240,998
DP 112,529 88,950
NNP 30,721 25,018
FF 14,726 10,949
UDM 10,051 8,379
ACDP 8,744 6,790
FA 7,558 5,687
AEB 2,875 2,130


Now the other acid test. The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), who organised everything, were astonished to find the computer giving a total of I5 977-million voles, and they checked thoroughly before announcing that only 14 257-million voting papers had been given out to voters, and that this was the maximum number that could have been counted at the polling stations. In fact, a conservative estimate of spoilt papers would be 57 000 (0,4%), implying a maximum, count of 14,2-million.


We find therefore that the Opposition parties got a true total of 6,8-million of these, or 48% of the 14,2-million; the ANC some 7,4-million, or 52%. However, the computer gave out the figures as: Opposition 5,315-million (33,65%), and ANC 10 601-million (66,35%). Now there is no question here of “merely somebody’s opinion”, or of any “maybe – maybe not”. It is simple solid scientific fact. The ANC barely scraped a simple overall majority. Indeed, there are two reasons – one of them rather nasty – suggesting they did not morally get a majority at all.


Blikskottel…found this on and have no reason to believe that this party would open itself up to being sued.

…….next installment coming soon…

18 antwoorde op Computer cheats at elections

  1. louisna het gesê op Mei 10, 2011

    Insiggewend. Ek was kandidaat in die 1988 munisipale verkiesings.

  2. valleyman het gesê op Mei 10, 2011

    Are these the same computers they use at Jhb billing? Sure looks like it to me.

  3. Blikskottel het gesê op Mei 10, 2011

    Wel my ou die kans is goed dat jy deur die ore gewerk was…dis duidelik.

  4. TS het gesê op Mei 10, 2011

    Hulle moet die goed tel met ‘n masjien waarmee hulle geld tel

  5. Blikskottel het gesê op Mei 10, 2011

    ANC beheerde computers..beslis.

  6. louisna het gesê op Mei 10, 2011

    Die KP het my planke toe gestuur

  7. Blikskottel het gesê op Mei 10, 2011

    Nee per hand en dan die uitslae soos in die ou dae daar op die stadsaal se stoep trap uitroep. Geen computers moet ooit naby die goed kom nie.

  8. jannel1 het gesê op Mei 10, 2011

    He-he-he. Viva Oom Andries!!!

  9. jannel1 het gesê op Mei 10, 2011

    Baie interessant!

  10. al tel hulle dit een vir een met die hand, kan daar steeds korrupsie bygewerk word

  11. malma het gesê op Mei 10, 2011

    Very interesting, Blikskottel.

  12. Rockybaby het gesê op Mei 10, 2011

    I agree, interesting indeed.
    I spoke to one of my JHB based suppliers today. She complained dearly about the splinter parties.
    Why not all vote for the DA???!!

  13. Blikskottel het gesê op Mei 11, 2011

    Personally I vote on issues and therefor will not vote for the ANC or DA. They essentially have the same policies, policies which I think will lead to a civil war. Socalled splinter parties are represent voters who needs protection most of the time and have a role therefor.

  14. Blikskottel het gesê op Mei 11, 2011

    Interestingly evil if you ask me.

  15. Blikskottel het gesê op Mei 11, 2011

    Nie so maklik nie, want dan is daar mense wat fisies bysit en heeltyd kyk hoe die proses gebeur. rekenaars, ek is selfs ‘n redelike fundi, maak die pad vir verneuk wa wyd oop.

  16. This really gives food for much thought and speculation, Blikskottel. :-<

  17. Blikskottel het gesê op Mei 13, 2011

    Specualtion?? I think not. Go and check for yourself is there is a problem.

  18. Lisaman het gesê op Mei 24, 2011

    Interesting stuff here!! Looking forward to the installment!!

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