Constitution: failing from the start

April 27, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

1. Republic of South Africa.-The Republic of South Africa is one, sovereign, democratic state founded on the following values:

(a) Human dignity, the achievement of equality and the advancement of human rights and freedoms.



Could someone please explain where is the dignity of the man killed by cops in Ficksburg, or the people I see regulary on the dumping grounds, scratching for a few pieces of plastic that could be sold or used to make shack waterproof?


Where is the dignity of baies dying in hospitals due to lack of medicines and shockingly poor nursing?


Where is the dignity of the rape victims who gets added to the statistics every 90 seconds?


Where is the dignity in living behind burglar bars, alarms and constant monitoring by private security firms?


What has happened to make more than 1 million people leave this country, while the constitution promises that we will all be treated equally?


What has happened to let the ANC regime ignore the advancement of human rights, by allowing a dictator and criminal like Robert Mugabe stay in power, with their explisit support? A few other skunk state leaders can be added to this list, but for now Mugabe is closest to us and have a direct influence on RSA and it’s people.


Blikskottel….believe this constitution is worthless under the ANC or any unity state solution.

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  1. louisna het gesê op April 27, 2011

    Dit gaan oor die wetstoepassing van die konstitusie. Some are more equal than others

  2. maak nie saak wat die oorsake is nie, die ding is useless.

  3. louisna het gesê op April 27, 2011


  4. Lisaman het gesê op April 27, 2011

    I am also tired of AFrica. The constitution unfortunately has many flaws and is definitely not practised!!

  5. You’re so right. There is no dignity for so many South Africans, and those in power don’t behave in a dignified manner.

  6. die massa wat nie vir hulleself kan dink, besef nie hierdie dinge

  7. Doen jy jou deel en help hulle inlig…elke bietjie help.

  8. Nou praat jy…daai lot moet almal gefire word, ook hul politieke base.

  9. Those in power just do not care as they are simply evil.

  10. No constitution can ever protect people in a multi cultural state, therefor I support a divided RSA system. The alternative will be civil war, make no mistake.

  11. I have to agree.

  12. se hulle, blikskottel! Freedom Day – wat ‘n “sad” naam vir ‘n dag soos vandag.

  13. The proportion which can read and understand it are too busy making a fast buck, or getting drunk with power, to take any notice of it.

  14. Dis ‘n freakin skande om nog so iets te he in RSA…amper soos ‘n hoer wat met ‘n wit rok trou.

  15. That is a fact..and a very sad one. Now, what is the alternative?

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