Banks, governments and current money systems causes people to be poor

April 23, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

I have always known that something was seriously wrong in modern money systems. Even as a young boy I could not understand why some people would do absolutely nothing and get rich, while other would work their backsides off and still be poor. Consider this next paragraph:


Control of the quantity of money is essential if its value is to be kept stable. Money’s real value can be measured only in terms of what it will buy. Therefore, its value varies inversely with the general level of prices. Assuming a constant rate of use, if the volume of money grows more rapidly than the rate at which the output of real goods and services increases, prices will rise.

This will happen be cause there will be more money than there will be goods and services to spend it on at prevailing prices. But if,on the other hand, growth in the supply of money does not keep pace with the economy’s current production, then prices will fall, the nation’s labor force, factories, and other production facilities will not be fully employed, or both.


Now in RSA and most of the world we see prices of goods and food rising all the time, so why does this happen? Perhaps we should rather look at it as the money in our hands actually have less buying power. Simply put, it means that government is creating more “paper money” than what the economy is worth or can produce. In effect they are also adding to the nasional debt, which they expect us, the taxpayers to service all the time.


Blikskottel…knows that this cannot go on forever

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  1. TS het gesê op April 23, 2011

    en die oplossing is?

  2. The solution is not easy, but we need to get more people to understand how modern money and banking systems work.

    Fact: banks/governments do not have any money, they create credit/debt out of nothing. We need to get back to a system where REAL money and goods is the only way to trade, thus gold, silwer for examle, or even goods like mealies, carrots or anything physical of value.

  3. Oforth het gesê op April 23, 2011

    I am on the recieving end of this sickness and I can tell you is really sick. Currently I have paid the government money I had to borrow from the bank for a permit to be able to trade in a business directed by an Act. With no reasons given either way the department is just not issuing me with this permit. So in fact I have borrowed money to pay the state and its servants money without getting anything in return. I am paying them to make me unemployed. Even under the hut tax the British gave Africans the means to earn that tax by working on the mines. Under the new economics these idiots live in such a daydream thinking that money grow on trees that they can do the same for tax. It is insane and will not last.

  4. Actually you owe them nothing. The have nothing to lend to you. The paper that you applied on for ther loan is the only instrument of value they have and they use this to actually then “lend” you your own value back and make you pay interest on it.

    There’s ways to handle this, visit thinkfreesa website and read a bit there…I am sure you will get the idea.

  5. Banks a big role players in the creation of poverty.
    Banking fees are far to high for the low income person.

  6. It goes much deeper than that. The banking and money system is so deeply evil, that most people cannot believce the truth when the finally hear it….same goes for the justice and man made legal systems. These two things work hand in hand to enslave all humans, without humans even knowing it.

  7. Oforth het gesê op April 25, 2011

    Not quite in agreement there. Banks came from the merchant class needing to protect rightful ownership of value when transparting goods from A to B. For that purpose they have a valid existance. Unsery (interest), banned by both Islam and Christianity and Jewdaism if am correct. “Rather a lender than a borower be” Proverbs. This is the culprit that started the rot. We are a pluralistic society where some have and others do not. There will always be some who can lend to give others with ability a hands up. As with the legal system it is essential for the maintanance of justice. But that justice can only be within in the broader sociatal understanding of justness. When society becomes just both these will still have great value.

  8. Usury is the tip of the iceberg. In the old days they kept gold for travellers, but that’s not the case anymore. They are now creating debt out of thin air, as they do not have anything of value to lend out. Now there is the problem, as they also use the document you sighned as something of value. This you create the value for them and they force you to pay back that what you have allready created….I have a fantastic PDF that explains this and it’s sickening when yiou realize the truth. I can e-mail it to you if you want!!

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