Aces high in Parys

April 21, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

Last week, at around 7 ‘o Clock in the morning, I was on my way to my buildings in Parys and what I saw was a real surprise. Every broken lampost globe was being fixed. There must have been at least 10 people busy with this and considering how long we have been complaining about this, I realized something big was up.

Just a bit further on I found some more workers, cleaning up some pavements….and the mere fact that thy were actually woriking that early in the morning, was almost to good to be true. Parys municipality is crap and to be honest, the workers is the same.

It turned ou that I was right, Ace Magashule, the Freestate ANC bigwig was here to visit his old hometown and the ANC municipality had to at least try to look a bit like they were doing something…even if it was only for a day or two. Ace stayed in a guesthouse with his 4 body guards and the owner who I know actually told him what the real situation is in Parys. I do not think this was needed as he could not have missed the dirty parks, unkept pavements, overgrown municipal grounds, broken street lights…and the huge number of potholes. Perhaps he did not see them from his fancy car, but there is no way that even a ANC bigwig in a tax payers paid for Hummer, could miss them all and thus not feel the bump of a pothole of the size we have to contend with daily.

Well the Ace promiseed that he will fix Parys, but we have heard many promises before. I just do not think, he or the the ANC can fix anything, not even a small town like Parys. About the cities,like Bloemfontein, I have no doubts…they can and will never fix it.

Blikskottel…will for now wait and see if Ace lied…yet again…o yes and all those busy workers are nowhere to be seen…they also left right after their political boss left….

4 antwoorde op Aces high in Parys

  1. Blêrrie tipies…

  2. TS het gesê op April 21, 2011

    ons moet weer die sokker aanbied dan gebeur daar in my dorp dalk ook iets!

  3. thenack het gesê op April 21, 2011

    haha, ja nee tipies

  4. Oforth het gesê op April 22, 2011

    I agree, I’m not sure who I will vote for. Even here in Cape Town the DA is doing the same. The billions over priced bus route from Blaauwberg to Town is now suddenly operating, empty buses and all.

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