Malema and AfriForum

April 13, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

I’ve been keeping some tabs on this whole case between Julius Malema and AfriForum, not that I expect any court to make a judgement against the Pedi boytjie…or if they do have the balls and do find him guilty, that Malema will comply to any court decision.

What amazes me is all the armed security guards that surrounds Malema…what is he so scared of? Perhaps the masses who keeps on suffering because of his beloved ANC, or perhaps some whities who at some point surely will have had enough of him…perhaps even the ANC bigwigs who knows that his evil places way to many eyes on their own stealing, corruption and idiotic policies…

Perhaps he needs to listen to good advice and look at history a bit more. There are many examples of young hotheads who got knocked off because they could not keep their traps shut, especially if they are idiots who just upset people with their evil rhetoric.

Blikskottel….remembers people like Chris Hani….

9 antwoorde op Malema and AfriForum

  1. i think the malema message is loud and clear…..i king malema will do as i please and if you get in my way ill resort to armed confict and terrorism……..he is threatening us with the machine guns…….

  2. Modigliani het gesê op April 13, 2011

    The clown should be taken out – and NOT to supper…

  3. lora2me het gesê op April 13, 2011

    His own people will kick him out soon – I don’t have to be a visionary or prophet to see that. I am insulted by his derogatory and racist remarks and that he is dividing the peoples of SA.

  4. TheSpear het gesê op April 13, 2011

    If he don’t lose the next ANCYL election, then SA is f-up. Hy gaan dit op donner.

  5. frikve het gesê op April 13, 2011

    Hi There,
    Malema and his pals are not scared of anything. The displays you see at the court are part of his power game. With the oncoming election of a new youth league president, al this posturing is meant to intimidate – also to send a general message: “Don’t touch me! You will be touching the BIG ANC” and Aunty Winnie by my side provides emphasis.
    Malema is riding on a huge publicity/propaganda wave, in this instance paid for by Afri-Forum.

  6. Dalk so, maar elke hind selfs die kelinstes byt as hy teveel gepla word en Malema moet dit onthou.

  7. He does not devide anything, the division has always been there and will always be there. What we need to do is protect ourselves and face the facts.

  8. ..and we all know how terrosrists should,be delt with…his day will come.

  9. If we allow it ..otherwise, not.

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