Jy blaai in die argief vir 2011 Maart.

RSA the dream versus the reality!

Maart 8, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

So the Rand is moving sharply stronger again…more joblosses will be inevitable in the private sector.

BUT the message to the masses is clear:

Do not despair,

the ANC regime have plans to create millions of jobs…

tax payers will be milked to pay for these jobs…

the ANCYL will see to it that all mines are nasionalized…

that businesses owned by white men are nasionalized…

the best farms will be in black hands…

the government will support you, so have as many kids as you like…

the ANC regime will be in power until Jesus comes…

BUT even you if you choose to believe this crap there are other views:

London – South Africa is flawed and set to “blow up” within the next 15 years with more serious consequences than Libya, says Toscafund, one of the UK’s most high-profile hedge funds.


 South Africa is likely to become a significantly drier country than it currently is, but with stronger wet weather events, reports University of Pretoria’s Geography, Geoinformatics and Meteorology researcher and lead-author of a climate simulation of the Southern African region published in the International Journal of Climatology, Dr Francois Engelbrecht. Thus farming will be tough and food security will be severely compromized.


Governments insistance of milking the few taxpayers will lead to even more skilled people leaving and in so doing will make the tax base even smaller.

Personally, I forsee a civil war as the masses will in reality never get the better life they have been promised so many times. What else could they then do to try and change this?

Blikskottel….will be ready for whatever comes his way

Petrol bombing your boss?

Maart 7, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

Modimolle – The co-owner of the Kranskop fuel station next to the N1 highway in Modimolle in Limpopo is fighting for his life after an aggrieved petrol attendant threw a petrol bomb into his office.

I have no way to express my grief and anger…

I have no way to express my hatred for what this animal did…

I have no trust left in the political system that allows this type of thing…

 I have no trust left in any politician…

nor the police,

nor the constitution or justice system…

Blikskottel…..can never be part of this “rainbow nation”

Blogger, suck on this!

Maart 6, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

Apart from realizing that some ANCidiotLeaque oke, named Andile, is a pompous poepol, I do not have much to write this morning. I did however find something that cleared up a lot about bloggers, me in included.

Blikskottel….just phoned home and now knows that he is still special.

Liedjies en gesigte

Maart 5, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

Elke keer as ek Juju se bakkies sien dan dink ek aan die liedjie van Green day, “AMERICAN IDIOT”.

Elke keer as ek Zuma sin sien dan hoor ek “Would I lie to you”… daai liedjie van die twee wat mos net “gemime” het as ek reg onthou.

As ek Helen Zille sien dans…..ek dink die song se naam is “Dooswyn”


Daai diktator net noord van ons maak my demoer in want as ek hom sien dan draai daar net en ding in my kop: “Shoot The Dog” by George Michael en dis nou een mofgat muso wat my bokkerall aanstaan.


Blikskottel….weet dat musiek met meeste mense praat en nie lieg nie.

Where the results of the Malema inquiries?

Maart 4, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

Just to start of:” Can someone tell me what the results were of the inquiries made into Malema’s business dealings and tenderpreneuring?”

Seems like either nothing happended, or did the media chose to somehow not report on this.


Today I felt like some politically incorrect joke, so here goes:

In a recent pubquiz, I was asked what are two things normally found in cells. Apparently Zimbabweans and Nigerians was not the right answer.


My wife asked me if she was miss Right for me. I said yes, at the time I thought so, but I never figured her full name was actually Always Right.


Blikskottel…better show of to add some value to society, albeit way north-west of the RSA borders. 

“Ons en hulle” sindroom, bestaan dit of nie?

Maart 3, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

Die ONS en HULLE ding..

Wat is jou opinie or dit saak. Sal ons ooit regtig ‘n “rainbow nation” kon wees, of wees.

Persoonlik sien ek duidelik dat verdeeltheid die een eienskap is wat deel is van die RSA samelewing. Niks kon dit nog ooit verander nie en ek dink nie daar is enige iets wat dit ooit kan verander nie. Ek het die werklikheid daarvan doodeenvoudig aanvaar en maak enige planne daarvolgens.

Blikskottel….glo nie aan geforseerde geroesemoes of dagdrome nie…

Ugly RSA facts

Maart 2, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

Currently one in eight employed people work in the public sector and the average wage is 44% higher than in the private sector.

Currently there are 14 million grant recipients and only 5 million income tax payers.

Homeowners are being severely hit by the additional tax burden, particularly the middle class. This is effectively a stealth tax. And worse is yet to come: municipalities’ budgets will increase by a further 25% over the next two years. The amount raised by municipalities is already equal to the amount paid in individual income tax and is set to gallop ahead.

The Taxpayers’ Foundation welcomes the name and shame stance of the Auditor-General. It is not a moment too soon. Irregular expenditure of nearly R4 billion in ONE YEAR alone is outrageous.

In 2011 the average individual wage at Eskom will surpass the R500 000 mark, said Schüssler.
This makes South Africa the third best paying country for government institution employers  after Sweden and France.

Blikskottel..understand that somewhere something has to give, the question is when and what form this will take…personally I think eventually it will be civil war.