Smalltown political criminals

Maart 27, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

Here in Parys, a small but vibrant rural Freestate town, the ANC is also busy with there special brand of evil.

How about a R2million municipal cheque that was cashed by one “Maria” or “Anna”…or was it “Sipho”and no-one knows anything after that… and the managers simply refuse to take any responsibility.


How about the municipality buying 100 journals(dagboeke) @ R926 per book, from an obscure black owned company in Welkom, while the same could be bought from PNA @R60 per unit. (Victorompie enterprizes got the order)


How about a multi million rand soccer stadium being built in the local township…maybe we are getting Kaiser Chiefs to move to Parys, a miracle might happen…imagine the treffic jams with all the taxis that will bring drunken supporters from Soweto…I am sure the NG kerk anties will shit their best bloomers.


How about the municipality ordering blankets to the amount of R19800+, payment was made but nothing was ever delivered…(note order was paid out to a construction company from Edenville. Address 1286 Chris Hani Street.


Blikskottel…hates anything to do with the ANC

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  1. valleyman het gesê op Maart 27, 2011

    The really sad part is that absolutely nothing will be done about it.

  2. Twaksak het gesê op Maart 27, 2011

    Gits, ja.

  3. czardas het gesê op Maart 27, 2011

    Corruption always pisses me off, so I can imagine how angry you are about this in your hometown.
    Publicity is the best way forward, carry on blogging about it, get facts, get names, get them to Noseweek and Mail & Guardian and Carte Blanche. Publicise the hell out of these corrupt arseholes.

  4. jeanihess het gesê op Maart 27, 2011

    Come now Blikskottel. You have educated yourself. Go for it man; make them accountable… and I am serious!
    Follow the avenues and go get them!

  5. louisna het gesê op Maart 27, 2011

    Ai, die markkragte van die demokrasie darem…

  6. TS het gesê op Maart 27, 2011

    En mense gaan in duisende vir hulle stem

  7. Jip, ek weet…dis ‘n gemors.

  8. Make no mistake, I will…

  9. Acountability means zilstch to these idiot, as they have the vote of the masses. I will however do what I have to, to make things better..

  10. This is just a few things…there’s much more…

  11. Demokrasie se gat, dis wat een idioot, een stem vir ons bring!

  12. jeanihess het gesê op Maart 28, 2011

    That you own something means ziltch to a thief but that does not stop you making a case and claiming insurance:)

    Now just do what you have to do.

    There is a Citizens Protector too, located at Council (in CT any way) who is an independent commissioner and the office actually does function:)

  13. I have never heard of such a thing ere in Parys, but I wil find out..what other alternatives we have is few, barring the courts, which is to expensive for me alone….thus Carte Blanche etc is all that for now can be done.

  14. jeanihess het gesê op Maart 29, 2011

    It is a national institution like the public protector but deals exclusively with Local Government i.e. Council. So phone up , ha ha;) phone Council, and ask for the number and fax, email etc because in the end , even if you have an interview, you must still write out your issues.

    Ask for the name of the citizen’s protector and write to him directly!

    This office has the right to ask the Council Whip to open all records such as minutes regarding the issue, all public records to be opened and for copies.

    Follow through:)

    Possibly the offices are in the bigger centers but as I say you can phone and then fax them. I think that they prefer faxes to emails.

  15. TheSpear het gesê op Maart 29, 2011

    I’m the CFO at a company here in the Middle East. If I make payments or allow payment to be made like above, I would immediately lose my job and criminal charges would be filed against me.

    Hoe betaal jy voor jy jou delivery note gekry het? Hoe teken jy ‘n check en weet nie vir wie de f.. fdit is nie.

    Skelm sê ek jou want om so incompetent te wees is Gods onmoontlik.

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