A glimmer of hope dashed by the Concourt

Maart 18, 2011 in Sonder kategorie


After reading this article on the recent ConCourt desision, regarding the disbanded Scorpions, I had this shortlived feeling that there migh be some hope for justice in this world. Then I saw that they actually directed parliament to correct the current situation and with that all my hopes were dashed again.

How on earth do the judges think will parliament ever do the right thing? Parliament is a body consisting of out of touch politians, who are only interested in power and money. Then the majority in parliament also have to somehow protect their president and without political control over the Skorpions or Hawks, this would not be possible.


The Concourt should have made a clear order on what should be done and what would be just. To me it seems they did not do the best they could for the people or the protection of the constitution.

Blikskottel…have no trust in constitutions or the legal system and with good reason.

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  1. TS het gesê op Maart 18, 2011

    Ek dink jy is reg die keer want wie gaan die parlement kontroleer… sug…

  2. swong het gesê op Maart 18, 2011

    Hi Blikskottel. I think the problem here is that the Constitutional Court does not have the power to change laws. All they can do is refer unconstitunional laws back to parliament to rectify and conform with the constitution.

  3. Balans het gesê op Maart 19, 2011

    Meer wette en strenger toepassing van wette gaan nie die oplossing(s) bring nie.
    NET ‘n VERANDERING VAN HART (‘n nuwe hart)KAN.
    Geseende naweek vir jou

  4. Well then it is pointless, as those who infact made unconstitutional laws are now asked to just tweak it, but justice will still not be found….this stinks.

  5. Jip, mar die ANC is ‘n dooie orgnisasie en die mense wat di goed uitdink sal nie verander nie.

  6. Wel stemme is veronderstel om hulle uit te skop, maar met een mens een stem…ons het gn kans.

  7. shlwanjan het gesê op Maart 23, 2011

    Ja-nee, dis ‘n kwessie hier van ‘don’t hold your breath’.

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