Is the past more important than the present and the future?

Desember 29, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

Hi all

It’s just unbelieveable how people keep on wallowing in the recent past. In RSA, this is true from most people, black, white and all other colours. Does this really help anyone? I do not think so.

..but that’s not the recent past that I am on about…it’s too recent to be of real interest to me…

The thing I am on about is all this talk of whether blacks, whites, asians etc are all from a common ancestor, or are they actually different species or who knows what else? (I say this with great trepidation, as I still have doubts on  whether most whites and someone like JuJu could have a common ancestor)

 I fail to see the point of arguing about things that happened so long ago, that almost buggerall can be proven to anyones satisfaction anyway. The past, recent or ancient, is of very little value if you want to live in peace with someone who differs a lot from you.

Therefor, I propose that we look at the present and look what the differences between all the races are right now. Surely that must be of much more influence on us and maybe even of more critical benefit. No person in his right mind can say that all races are the same, have ever been the same, will ever be the same….or should even be the same.

We are all different and I believe with good reason as well, even if just for offering people reason to laugh at each other. It is clear in nature that a species, which have to little variation within itself, in many cases is the first to die out. Is that what we really want as a human race? I think not. I think we should all embrace who we are and remember it is the differences between us that will make us survive as a human race in the end. It should even be something to strive towards if we do want to survive for the long haul.


How to do this is a very difficult question though and that, in the end will most probably be our downfall.

Blikskottel…this is not so easy to explain….

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  1. Anthropology and scientific biology are of interest simply because it is interesting in itself. Anyway, the debate is over long ago. We have a common ancestor. How the differences in appearance developed is also intereting ang logically explainable.
    Ditto for the cultural differences. It’s just that. The influence of surroundings. It has bugger all to do with race. If you are a white South African you belong to the Caucasian race but will have very little in common with someone from khazakstan, another member of your race. Barack Obama is of African origin but as American as Blueberry pie.

  2. malma het gesê op Desember 29, 2010

    I like the fact that we are different – makes life interesting.

  3. not so much the race that bothers me, more the backwards thinking culture…you know what i mean…

  4. Ons geskiedenis kortliks (algemeen bekend)

    Verlede: Leef nog nie
    Hede: Leef
    Toekoms: Leef nie meer nie.
    Eenvoudig né?

  5. Nee, ek vind niks deedae meer eenvoudig nie.

  6. Yes, backward in the way that we want to break age old rules that helped people survive: Like : “Good neighbours are made by good fences”

  7. Agreed, but it is a problem when those differences are not manged correctly, like is clearly happening in RSA.

  8. Maybe and maybe not, this ancestor thing. You’ll be surprized at how many new discoveries, challenging this, have been made lately. We are different, like I said and with good reason.

  9. en nog erger…backwards soos in vermoor en verkrag ons mense uit haat

  10. The so called new discoveries have absolutely no scientific foundation and have no credibility in the scientific world. I suggest you read The Blind Watchmaker bu Professor Richard Dawkins for starters.

  11. En nog meer backwards, soos blatante rassisme en haat ander mense gebasseer op velkleur.

  12. Maybe so and maybe not so YET. The scientific world traditionally is a slow moving thing… we will have to wait and see. I just want the truth, whatever it is.

  13. Moet netnie rassisme verwar met die drang na vryheid nie.

  14. Ek sien dit nie stop solank ons met hulle heul en deel nie. Dis tyd om eerlik te wees en te erken wat aan die gang is en om nuwe oplossings te soek.

  15. No maybe. No need to reinvent the wheel. Evolution is done and dusted long ago. The argument is closed. May you refer me to one credible scientist which supports your view that we as the human race do not have a common ancestor. I need a name.

  16. Nee, gelukkig is dit nie moontlik om rassisme te verwar met enigiets anders as rassisme nie.

  17. I do not support any view. I just want the truth. Evolution happens but clearly there are also many holes in the theories, especially surrounding humans. I believe we shoot ourselves in the foot, the day that we decide anything is down and dusted.

  18. Just give me the name of the respectable scientist that supports the view that the human race in its totality do not eminate from one common ancestor group.

  19. We’re all unique, even if from the same race group. I just try see everyone as human beings.

  20. No, I don’t really know what you mean shongololo. Please explain clearly: be really definitive because sometimes it is hard for me to understand:)

  21. Jy praat nou seker van hoe my kultuur, of is dit nou rassegroep, in die lewe geroep is shogololo? Jy weet met haat en verkragting en dan die ontkenning van die kinders wat so gebore is? En daar is die baie, baie mense wat net verdwyn het … honderde

    glo gedros of iets maar nooit weer gevind nie of van gehoor nie…

    en nog die Hottentotswors waarvan niemand ooit praat nie…

  22. Blikskottel:) Did you like the way ‘racial differences’ were managed by South Africa in the past?

    Different species do not often mate and when they do and produce offspring, these are sterile

    I believe that the ‘inferior’ ‘mixed races’ breed like rabbits?

  23. Liewe Blikskottel.
    Ek weet dit wat met ons as individue gebeur, ons siening van sekere dinge bepaal. Dis vir my belangrik om op die hede te fokus, dis vir my nageslag belangrik om op die toekoms te fokus. Ek weet dis ‘n magtelose stryd..ek probeer hard om positiwiteit en denial uit mekaar te hou. My eerste kommentaar het ek alweer die twee saamgeflans – tsk…

  24. Jeany..dis nie wat in die verlede gebeur het wat die huidige probleme veroorsaak nie, maar wel hoe ons dit vandag hateer. Die kleurling bevolking het nie net deur verkragting begin betsaan nie, maar baie geel vroue was maar te gewillig om die miesies van die huis te wees en so uit hul eie volk se ellendes te ontsnap.

  25. Let me put it like this: I bleive that each nation should be totally free and that for me means in it’s won country. Didi the old people do that? yes, did they do it in the correct way? No.

    I do not think RSA will ever prosper in this unity state. We are divided and we have to start to accept that and look for new solutions…or rather use old one that is proven to work.

  26. Forced together agains some people’s will is also bad management.

  27. Ek stem saam, dus hoe gaan ons verder nou aan?

  28. Respectable??? mmm they are normally the one who we should not trust.

  29. I,m still waiting for ONE name.

  30. You seem to not get my point. Names means nothing. I just choose to keep and open mind and not believe anything that easily anymore these days. Who knows what will be found in the future and by believing without any doubts what is considered “absolute proof or truth today”. Even Einstein’s been proven wrong these days on some isues. We must be carefull to stop looking for information, simply as we believe the absolute truth has been found.

    Just because we have a few DNA pieces the same as say the gorilla it does not say we have must have had one ancestor in my view. It could also mean we had different ancestors, but that somewhere along the line one little breeding between them took place. Surely if we had one ancestor, then most DNA would have been the same, not the little bits we see now? Something just does not sit right with me in all this.

    I have very limited knowledge in this field, but I read a lot and I try to make up my own mind, asking questions as I go along. What I am good at, is not beleiving all I hear or what others believe just to fit in

  31. Yes, I see you have very limited knowledge. You are unable to refer me to any scientist suggesting that the human race have more than one common ancestor group. You will save a lot of credibilty by simply admitting that fact.

  32. Seems like you do not like people who ask questions and not believe anything blindly? At least I ask questions and in my book, that counts for more than anything else, even believing scientists, who also get proven wrong all the time.

    Please tell me what you see wrong with my previous comments way of thinking…regarding the % of DNA shared by species or even humans. I am interested to hear about this from you…and fill me in what your background is in all this.

    Then just humour me and give me the proof that if we all share only a very small percentage of the same DNA , that we are from one parent stock. This what, you might call mitrochondial Eve, is the one who gave us this little bit of common DNA, so who gave the rest?

  33. Accepting incontrovertable scientific proof is hardly “believing blindly”. We do not originate from one ancestor obviously, but from one ancestor group. That would be all of us as homo sapience. You clearly belong to that group of people who are desperate to show that black people “are not the same as us”. I have no interest whatsoever in racism. Sorry.

  34. Okay so now we are from one ancestor group and not one ancestor…

    Just for you info; I am not a racist and believe that we are all one human race. BUT, I also believe there is huge differences and with good reason. Perhaps you should read the post again and see what my point was.

  35. “incontrovertable scientific proof ” : There is no such thing. All there is, is the info that is currently available and to be honest, I think it is very little on the bigger scale of things.

  36. Geen verkragtings nie? Jhimmel man!

  37. If these are your committed views please note that you are not kept in (South) Africa against your will. You are welcome to return to your motherland; to the home of origin and to be seperate from the rest of us … that is those that can historically claim African roots … you know the yellow and black people…

    We have welcomed you you here but you want more that a welcome… you still want the country just as your greatparents did.

  38. Go home then to origin of the nation that you belong to. This South Africa is for the people that consider themselves part of the African Nation whether black or white. People from other nations must please go home.

  39. Kyk wat ek geskryf het: die woordjie “NET” behoort jy tog te verstaan en dis nie asof ek verkeerd is nie. Feite is feite. Duidelik was daar verkragtings en dames wat eerder die miesies wou wees.

  40. You can,never prove that you, your race or the blacks ever owned or even occupied all of the land. Fact is that you occupied very little of it and that whites for the most part occupied open land. (I travel over Africa a lot and to this day, that is still true). Do not try to sell your lies to me, it will never work. Written history is against you and if you wanna go there, I am up for it.

    The internasionally recognized Boer republics were stolen from us in unjust war and these are the basis that I use for my thinking. If you want real justice to be done, restore these or compensate with an alternative land deal. Perhaps that would be the only way to perevent a civil war in the future. Some of us will make a stand if our hand is forced, but this is and will never be our first choice. Just remember, the smallest dog will bite if pushed to much and that bite can infect and kill as well. I have seen what war does and hate it, but I also accept that sometimes attack is the best means of defence.

    In the end the majority will have to decide whether they prefer to be enemies with us or not. We will act accordingly.

    Here is my solution: Give the Boers and whites who want it, a piece of land to establish their own free republic. That way we can have peace and can trade resources and skills in a friendly way. The alternative is to forever have strife and the children of the future will call us all idiots for landing them in that situation.

  41. Weet, voor Apartheid het almal ook maar vrylik met mekaar geleef, saam gebly of getrou behalwe nou die verkragtings of nou dat die baas met sy slavinne geseks het of vry vroue gedwing het of met minderjariges omgang gehad het.
    Dit het ook nie gstiop na Apartheid nie, maar nou ja…

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