Tele-preachers and Nigerian thugs

Desember 28, 2010 in Sonder kategorie


I amazes me how people who are apparantly so different, also have so much in common.

Compare a good ole tele-preacher to a Nigerian thug

1. The one confesses honesty, while the other lives of dishonesty

2. The one is a TV star, while the other’s job would suffer if he was

3. The one might pay a whore now and then, while the other get paid by whores all the time

…get the picture

Now what do they have in common?

ONE thing stands out:

They want to get their hands on as much of your money as possible.


it makes me sick to see them walk the streets like little gods, showing of their bling, living the extra-extra good life..

all while millions are suffering around them and in many cases because of them.

8 antwoorde op Tele-preachers and Nigerian thugs

  1. Hi there, thanks for the visit.

  2. 68ghia het gesê op Desember 28, 2010

    Well, they prey on the stupidity of people…

  3. I’d say the vast majority of our politicians share their overriding ambition!

  4. can’t bear those holier than thou who are just out after money

  5. Thanks for your visit.
    How did you come across my blog.

    Nigerians – we have them by 1000 bus fulls down some neighbourhoods.

  6. I used to always read your blog, long ago. Then due to some problems I had to stop blogging…now hopefully things have calmed doen.

  7. Maybe that is also true to some extent.

  8. Agreed!

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