Stupid, stupid, bloody stupid

Desember 27, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

Mnr. Philip Hammond, adjunkminister van vervoer, het aan die Sunday Times gesê daar behoort ’n boete te wees as lughawens nie dienste na behore lewer nie.

Hy’t gesê dit is onaanvaarbaar dat BAA, die Spaanse maatskappy wat Heath­row bestuur, onder die huidige stelsel ongestraf bly.


One thing is forsure and that is that stupidity must be inbred in political people, some bosses, all union leaders and most Englishmen. How on earth does this idiot propose any company make an airport operate under 12″ + of snow and sleet? I am sure that he would not put foot on an aeroplane in such weather…or maybe he will just to proof how stupid he really is.


I am sure a BRIC against the head would wake him up, same as this BRIC that recently hit RSA….


Imagine that, RSA gets invited to be a BRIC member and the ANC, humanists, general leftwing, Cosatu and JuJu-types smiles from ear to ear. Not for one moment do they think a little bit further than their short red noses if there is actually a reason for this invite, good or bad, nevermind any logical justification. That huge money will start to flow is a fact and that means only one thing: More ANC and crony pockets will be lined.


Will the few taxpayers get anything out of this? Not in a million years, but they will have to foot the bills associated with this dubious honour. Endless meeting, parties, after parties, porra salutes, debating sessions followed by cocktails, formal events, travel expenses, the list is endless, will take place. All of this will be sponsored by the tax payer and it’s enough to make me wanna hit Zuma with a BRIC on the head, not that it would get through to him.


Blikskottel…and then some idiots still want us (the tax payer) to host the olympic shames as well.

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  1. Wel die Bric lande se politicians is amper skelmer as ons leiers…

  2. Slimmer, sommer baie slimmer en fokkol is so erg soos ‘n slim skelm.

  3. Ek het ook na my asem gesnak toe ek dit hoor…flippen stupid verby.

  4. You really should get off the ‘few tax payers’ horse before you fall off.
    Everyone pays VAT and Municipal Service fees to some or other degree
    and free education comes with the charge of school fees or buying books or stationary

    and then there are toll roads…

    and in the end no one escapes the tax man not even if you are unemployed…:)

  5. Let’s be brutally honest; Can you count the number of people in RSA, that pay income taxes tax? Can you count the number of working age people? Can you count the number of people actually working? Surely you will see that something is seriously wrong and that the tax base is totally scewed. Alternative taxes, like the ones you hammer on, is but a drop in the ocean. It is the unfair income taxes that is the real bread basket of the ANC regime.
    Most economists agree that the RSA income tax pyer is being screwed and get very little in return for what he pays…now again, how can yopu argue with that.

    I am all for only one tax and that is VAT, so that everyone pays the same percentage, but without any other taxes, hidden or otherwise.

  6. Let me delete one comment: I repeated because the first one did not post originally.

  7. Ah well; we could make this a fight but my life is not so boring that I have to make it a fight!

    For me it is about the transition that South Africa is still in and that is opposed and obstructed at every turn right down to drawing those that should have been the champions of the poor- the true voter base- into the profiteering and corruption networks and life styles that date back to colonial and especially Apartheid days… golden handshakes with a farm and all for retirement…

    Why hammer on that the masses do not pay equal taxes?

    Our properties and jobs were taken from us and given to those who now constitute the majority in the tax base at the scale of payment that you refer.

    Nothing much has been done to change this

    Personally I have a printer and a microwave that represent the family property that was taken from us

    … and you would like me to pay more tax too?

  8. If you want to get on a high horse, go back a bit further in history and return the Boer republics that was stolen from us by the English. We occupied open land in 90% of cases and the rest was traded or bought.

    The English did some good research before attacking the Boers and this show clearly that white and black numbers were about even around 1820-60. This whole story that blacks owned it all is nothing more than a lie. Blacks traditionally have no claim in the WC that is forsure and the few other people which roamed around there also did not even nearly own or control it all.

    As for taxes, I want everyone to pay his and her share and that share must by default be equal.

    Lastly, in my opinion if we do not change our mindset and make some tough decision while we can, this country will go into a civil war sooner than you think.

  9. Any way: here we are together, with some of you being my family too although not all my family acknowledge the bond even today, here we are and we should make the best of it together with equity and goodwill at play but mostly I hear: The blacks must pay, the blacks must pay…

    Easy to demand that the blacks must pay when they had been paid little or nothing all their lives…

    and so the divide and cause for animosity continue:

    this is what I would like to see change:)

  10. Pay, they will pay, now or later…make no mistake. No-one can forever plough wioth someone elses cows. The days of my cows being used are over….

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