Jy blaai in die argief vir 2010 Desember.

Is the past more important than the present and the future?

Desember 29, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

Hi all

It’s just unbelieveable how people keep on wallowing in the recent past. In RSA, this is true from most people, black, white and all other colours. Does this really help anyone? I do not think so.

..but that’s not the recent past that I am on about…it’s too recent to be of real interest to me…

The thing I am on about is all this talk of whether blacks, whites, asians etc are all from a common ancestor, or are they actually different species or who knows what else? (I say this with great trepidation, as I still have doubts on  whether most whites and someone like JuJu could have a common ancestor)

 I fail to see the point of arguing about things that happened so long ago, that almost buggerall can be proven to anyones satisfaction anyway. The past, recent or ancient, is of very little value if you want to live in peace with someone who differs a lot from you.

Therefor, I propose that we look at the present and look what the differences between all the races are right now. Surely that must be of much more influence on us and maybe even of more critical benefit. No person in his right mind can say that all races are the same, have ever been the same, will ever be the same….or should even be the same.

We are all different and I believe with good reason as well, even if just for offering people reason to laugh at each other. It is clear in nature that a species, which have to little variation within itself, in many cases is the first to die out. Is that what we really want as a human race? I think not. I think we should all embrace who we are and remember it is the differences between us that will make us survive as a human race in the end. It should even be something to strive towards if we do want to survive for the long haul.


How to do this is a very difficult question though and that, in the end will most probably be our downfall.

Blikskottel…this is not so easy to explain….

Tele-preachers and Nigerian thugs

Desember 28, 2010 in Sonder kategorie


I amazes me how people who are apparantly so different, also have so much in common.

Compare a good ole tele-preacher to a Nigerian thug

1. The one confesses honesty, while the other lives of dishonesty

2. The one is a TV star, while the other’s job would suffer if he was

3. The one might pay a whore now and then, while the other get paid by whores all the time

…get the picture

Now what do they have in common?

ONE thing stands out:

They want to get their hands on as much of your money as possible.


it makes me sick to see them walk the streets like little gods, showing of their bling, living the extra-extra good life..

all while millions are suffering around them and in many cases because of them.

Stupid, stupid, bloody stupid

Desember 27, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

Mnr. Philip Hammond, adjunkminister van vervoer, het aan die Sunday Times gesê daar behoort ’n boete te wees as lughawens nie dienste na behore lewer nie.

Hy’t gesê dit is onaanvaarbaar dat BAA, die Spaanse maatskappy wat Heath­row bestuur, onder die huidige stelsel ongestraf bly.


One thing is forsure and that is that stupidity must be inbred in political people, some bosses, all union leaders and most Englishmen. How on earth does this idiot propose any company make an airport operate under 12″ + of snow and sleet? I am sure that he would not put foot on an aeroplane in such weather…or maybe he will just to proof how stupid he really is.


I am sure a BRIC against the head would wake him up, same as this BRIC that recently hit RSA….


Imagine that, RSA gets invited to be a BRIC member and the ANC, humanists, general leftwing, Cosatu and JuJu-types smiles from ear to ear. Not for one moment do they think a little bit further than their short red noses if there is actually a reason for this invite, good or bad, nevermind any logical justification. That huge money will start to flow is a fact and that means only one thing: More ANC and crony pockets will be lined.


Will the few taxpayers get anything out of this? Not in a million years, but they will have to foot the bills associated with this dubious honour. Endless meeting, parties, after parties, porra salutes, debating sessions followed by cocktails, formal events, travel expenses, the list is endless, will take place. All of this will be sponsored by the tax payer and it’s enough to make me wanna hit Zuma with a BRIC on the head, not that it would get through to him.


Blikskottel…and then some idiots still want us (the tax payer) to host the olympic shames as well.

Zim shooting for the stars again?

Desember 26, 2010 in Sonder kategorie


Harare – Zimbabwe will appoint a commission to investigate the “treasonous collusion” that led to several embarrassing reports being released by WikiLeaks, the country’s attorney-general said on Saturday.

“With immediate effect, I am going to instruct a team of practising lawyers to look into the issues that arise from the WikiLeaks,” Attorney-General Johannes Tomana told the state-owned Herald newspaper.


Now this old fart to the north and his many idiot cronies never seizes to amaze me. I suspect he never seizes to amaze the whole of the known universe and even some parrallel universes. The news media must also owe  them a huge measure of gratitude for the provision of enough newsworthy (also see funny, idiotic, common, stupid) material on slow days. I am actually convinced if it was not for politicians and their special brand of idiocy, most days would be slow for news agencies.


Shit for brains is the only way I can, logically think about the Zanu PF leadership..and I used the word “leadership” at my own peril. 

This oke at least gave me a reason to try my hand at some rhyme again:


Attorney-General Johannes Tomana

with a brain like a banana

he drivel and drools all over the show

he “LEAKS” in his pants

he steals with his hands

nothing can stop it, now the whole world knows


Please feel free to expand and add verses, infact, I urge you to use this opportunity to try your hand at rhyme…you might have a special talent for it.


Blikskottel, may we all be able to go on holiday to a free and properly run Zimbabwe one day…even though I strongly believe it will take a lilly-white government to make that reality. ..


and NO I am not racist, just a realist….

Poep and perfume, RSA style

Desember 25, 2010 in Sonder kategorie


The one thing that keeps on amazing me is that people seems to love farting against the wind. The proper “poep” smell keeps coming back to them, but still they blame the whole world, the dog, the antie next door and the united Nations, rather than waking up and realising that they are the cause of the stench they so much hate.


South Africa reminds me of a properse Afrikaanse antie’s toilet: Lots of poep and a little perfume mixed in to try and hide the smell.

The Jews have a saying, so I heard: You can pray for rain, but the wind is west.

So who am I writing about here? Actually most, if not all, people living in RSA. It seems we all smell the poep, caused by ourselves, but are simply unable to do anything about it. Each group or person may have different experiences, goals, cultural influences and political views that drives them to fart and make the stink, but in the end poep is poep….

Can we get rid of this? YES, we can, but the how seems to be a problem as our pride, political correctness and even several shades of hate, stops us from using some very obvious solutions.

Enough of that for now…

Merry Christmas to all people out there and may your day be exactly the day that you deserve..infact may your year also be the one you deserve.

Blikskottel, some people are going to have another tough year, that’s forsure.