#62 In love with books – Lauren Beukes

April 20, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

What made you fall in love with books – and how did it happen?
No matter how many times I opened and closed my damn wardrobe as a kid, it never opened on to the magical snow-filled kingdom I felt I’d been promised by that rat bastard CS Lewis. My fragile young hopes crushed (at least until I was old enough to go to NASA for astronaut training or stumbled on a wormhole through time in some ancient temple I would discover as intrepid archaeology adventurer) I travelled to other worlds the only way I knew how. Books were the doorway then and now – not just to other places, but into other people’s heads. Story is everything. It’s how we make sense of the world – and how we unravel it.

What’s your favourite line from a book, play or poem?

I really don’t have a favourite line. I don’t remember lines.

I can tell you my favourite moment in a story?

In the final panels of Watchmen (the graphic novel) where everything clicks into place, including the bizarre pirate horror comic, and it’s the most devastating and provocative ending you never saw coming.

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    Too too many ..

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