Yawn cure ?

Desember 17, 2011 in Sonder kategorie

Another Rugby union year awaits. Same old same old. Here’s a radical proposal.

Rugby Union and Rugby League reach a compromise and the whole rugby world plays League in 2013

and Union in 2014, alternating every year until the viewing public opts for a favourite.

Let the people decide how they want to be entertained in this professional era.

Since most of our bloggers know and support Union I urge them to be open-minded about

League or at least explain why it would be the end of the world to expose the South African

rugby public to world class League. Would it not be interesting to see Union players change

codes for a year . I suspect the real footballers will shine in both codes.

I am ignorant about League. Union has revered  stadia like Newlands, Loftus, Twinkenham etc.

Do similar holy venues exist for League ? How many professionals play which code ?

What are the virtues of the 15 man and 12 man codes ?

One thing for sure. If my radical proposal is adopted it will shake up BOTH codes. No more

same old same old.

7 antwoorde op Yawn cure ?

  1. Union is what I prefer.

  2. Help n bietjie. Ek wou hierdie pos by die sport
    ouens gepos het. Jammer dames, nou verskyn hy hier.
    Moet ek aansoek doen om op Litnet Sport in lid te word ? Darwinia, jy sal weet.

  3. Ken jy League, Blikskottel ? Ek nie.

  4. TS het gesê op Desember 17, 2011

    jy kan net by een van die twee wees Gaan na jou profiel en verander jou voorkeur van Litnet na Sport

    Sal jou mis!

  5. Tina, Darwinia blog by altwee. Mag n mens
    n vars blog skep vir sport ?

  6. TS het gesê op Desember 17, 2011

    Ek dink so … behalwe as jy trol… ek dink jy moet net twee eposadresse hê. Ek het ook al gewonder.
    Ek dink net dieselfde blog verskyn nie op twee plekke nie?

  7. Ek gaan probeer. Dankie.

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