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I have to say goodbye…

July 11, 2018 in Uncategorized

I need to say goodbye…You see I have to move on but I promise I won’t forget, I’ll never forget…

It’s gonna be hard , very hard. You’ve known since the beginning but yet we forgot about the world around us, and know we had to come crashing back down to earth. You have and will always be my special person, you will always be the one I think about going through hard times not knowing how to cope. Your advice will always be the tissues wiping the tears away. I’ll think about our weirdest,funniest,craziest conversations when I can’t sleep at 3 in the morning.

How will I move on? How do I cut you out of my life without cutting out a big piece of my heart. I don’t want to but I have to and you know it. I’m sure you will understand but yet you will be shattered, I know this for sure because I know you….. I know YOU.

I can’t live without you, but you have always lived without me.

I love you… there I said it and you always knew it but …

I have to say goodbye


by Shirlee-Ann


Favorite pieces

July 10, 2018 in Uncategorized

Ever noticed how subconsciously you do stuff. Really weird how we humans work.

You can be any person anywhere around the world no matter age or gender we all do this.

There is always your favorite piece of underwear,shirt,shorts,shoes,socks you name it. Doesn’t matter how new or how old there is always just the one piece that’s always more comfortable and we don’t know why. I bet you all also have a specific spoon, fork, knife, plate or cup that you don’t like or use at all because you just don’t like it or makes stuff taste differently. Yet our minds work and think so different but in a way we all think alike. That propably doesn’t make any sense but I guess in a way it does.

It just shows once again that no matter race, gender or age we are the same species and our brains are wired the same way whether most of you like it or not. Just a simple example like this tells me all I need to know

by Shirlee-Ann


Winter is coming…

July 6, 2018 in Uncategorized

Winter is coming… Yes I know typical Game of Thrones. It is probably the most famous phrase because I have never watched an episode…I like the dragons though they are quite nice….

Where was I…Oh yeah…Winter is coming. It is a freezing Friday morning in the heart of the Klein Karoo with sunshine and all but damn it’s cold. It does bring back a lot of school memories many moons ago, like running and sliding on iced grass, making snow angels etc but it’s as if you get older the colder you get without actually going outside…Like someone can mention it’s gonna be like 2 degrees and you’d already be putting on a extra jacket just hearing cold is on it’s way….

Luckily for the people on the other side of the globe have summer now….enjoy while you can because guess what ..



by Shirlee-Ann


Tea calms the insane

July 3, 2018 in Uncategorized

It’s literally 1 degree outside, mountain tops white with snow but everything happens to fast to take in. It’s almost 8 and I’m late for work so I’m rushing and forget half of my stuff at home. Luckily I realized I have 2 different shoes on so I had to rush back in get the right shoes and then the windscreen was frozen so it’s back in and out of the house…pfft…..urgh this day cannot get any worse, and as karma worked her way it did get worse. Got to work I forgot my keys and I was fuming with rage and thought to myself today I am going to murder someone. I’m going crazy I’m literally losing my mind, I feel bat shit crazy !!


Then when I eventually got in the office,got my things ready etc I switched the kettle on (had to boil it twice because of all the running around). I finally got to sit down and breath and as soon as I took the first sip of my tea everything was calm. The universe slowed down, every sound was soothing where it was noisy before, I felt my body do something strange and then I realized I was relaxing and that doesn’t happen very often. With all the phone calls and emails coming in it’s as if I am living in slow motion and then “POOF” I snapped out of it and saw my tea is done now it’s back to reality.


I think I might just boil the kettle again….

by Shirlee-Ann


Strange attractions

June 29, 2018 in Uncategorized

How to start….

It started with just a simple “Hello”, there was nothing to it or so I thought. Finding someone with a deep emotional connection is rare. No I’m not talking about flirting, cheating or having any sexual attraction towards the person…I’m talking about being able to talk about the most weirdest imaginative creative stuff you can come up with at 3 in the morning.

There is absolutely nothing more comforting than having a conversation telling that person your deepest darkest secrets, your most embarrassing moments with laughter knowing that each word is safer with them than with you. Every person needs to have someone in their life whether it is a friend, a lover, a family member it doesn’t matter. Get yourself someone who motivates you, who talks you out of committing suicide, who brightens up your day. Get yourself someone who will always be there for you even if you are just friends , or even if it’s two strangers just having a conversation it doesn’t matter if you talk to a tree or write your sorrows down and burn it.


I have been to hell and back. Yes I made mistakes everyone does, yes I do regret most of the things I did in my life but you know what…I wouldn’t have it any other way because then I wouldn’t have the knowledge,experience,maturity or manners that I do today but I am still a weakling. I still get lonely in a crowd of people. I still panic for overthinking. I still cry about silly stuff like potatoes taking long to cook (just an example). Sometimes just sitting on the kitchen floor crying your eyes out for no reason might be good therapy.

Mostly in my case I act as if I don’t care but yet I wear my heart on my sleeves that I have to tuck away now and again but it just slips back out.

Hello world!

June 29, 2018 in Uncategorized

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