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At flippen last! 56 000 words off to the publisher tomorrow morning first thing.

I went to Dunkeld Estate outside Dullstroom last week (courtesy of Ludi and Jackie Birk, my good friends) to go and tie up the loose ends. Took my little boy with, and my friend Cornelia and her two toddlers. She kept me company in between writing, entertained the kids and cooked. Zoe stayed with Ludi and Jackie, and finally, oh, finally, I can say “the manuscript is in the mail”.

Actually, I can say “Please find attached”…

Can’t believe I actually did it. Produced 56 000 words in one month!

Absolute Grace from God, because it was a month I don’t want to remember. LOTS of problems with my kids caused by their alcoholic dad. Both are in therapy again. Both broke down at school and cried and cried and cried. School called me in in both cases. It looks like we have reached the stage in their relationship with their dad where a court will have to decide if he has a role to play in their lives at all.

But that is just an aside. For now, I’m gloating (just a bit) and tired (a lot).

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  1. elgado het gesê op September 5, 2010

    Well done!!! :-)) what an achievement!
    Sterkte with the poor kiddies and the alcoholic dad. Shame it’s terrible if kids have to take the emotional punch for one of their parents just refusing to grow up. Strongs to you three!

  2. OomD het gesê op September 6, 2010

    Alcoholic dads. Bad memories. Good luck there, show your kids lots n lots of love (which I’m sure you already do) and never turn them against their father… they will see for themselves soon enough.

    Voorspoed daar, Tennemys, en alle sterkte.

    Geluk met jou woorde!

  3. Did you know…. Dunkeld (in Scotland) is a rather significant name in ancient british history. It is said that it was the centre of the kingdom of Picts in about 800 ad.

  4. I hate it when one measures documents in the number of words! In many ways it is so meaningless. A good writer can say in ten what a lousy writer needs 50 for, so I’m not sure what use the measurement really is. Not wanting to detract or anything, 56,000 is a lot of word stuff. The question really is…. how many are essential?

  5. All of them, cos I’m a good writer. 🙂 But to put it in perspective – 156 pages, 12pt Arial.

  6. Nope, didn’t know. Another bit of knowledge for Trivial Pursuit!

  7. Dankie Oom D!

  8. Does she type it or speak it?

  9. Thanks 2lips!
    They saw their therapist again today. She will call dad in so that we can get things moving in one or other direction. I have offered so many choices, ranging from taking them to him myself as I don’t want him to drive with them in the car, to him coming to my house to visit them. (And then I don’t sit with them the whole time. I’m in my office and he can play and kuier with them. But nothing ever happens, and I’m always the buffer between their anger and his hopelesness.)

  10. Thanks Kalinka! Much appreciated!

  11. Not being nasty, Mysie. Just doing the ole devil’s advocate.

  12. I know DV! You haven’t got a nasty bone in your bod!

  13. Well done, Tannemys. That’s a lot of words! Hope your problems with errant ex gets sorted soon.

  14. zephur het gesê op September 7, 2010

    Dis great Tannemys…daai woorde maak nou een geheel.

    Hoop die dinge met ex word uitgesort.

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