Death, dying and writing

Augustus 25, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

Just checking in to say hi. Deadline for book fast approaching. Tuesday, to be exact. Some good news, some bad news. Good news? Will be almost double the amount of words the publishers wanted (which is not a problem on non-fiction). Bad news? I must still write about half of that.

My friend Elsie is dying of cancer. She wasn’t really my friend until she got cancer (she was my daughter’s maths teacher) but when she was diagnosed with cancer, I started visiting her. Why? Because people tend to run for the hills once they hear the word cancer, and, since I have a lot of friends who survived cancer, I’m used to sitting with them through chemo. I don’t even notice bald heads anymore.

Anyhow, popped in to see Elsie on an impulse on Monday morning. Just to find her extremely short of breath and in great pain. The breath-problem I immediately assumed to be her lungs filling up with fluid. Which it was. Convinced her husband that it’s time for hospital, and an hour later she was on morphine and oxygen. By this morning, it was evident that it is now only a matter of hours.

So, please pray for Elsie and her family – I know she will go straight to heaven, but dying is always hard on those staying behind.

And now I must get on with the book. Have fun while I’m absent from blogland.

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  1. Bless:) and I just commented to someone else that death is hard on the ones that stay behind!

  2. will do, 2lips!

  3. Yes, J, it is, isn’t it?

  4. inadk het gesê op Augustus 26, 2010

    May the angels gently fold their wings around everybody and help with the hurt, heartache and days ahead.

  5. Thanks guys!

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