Adam and Eve continued

Augustus 11, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

Tired of writing, so thought I’ll just pop over and share this joke with you, in the spirit of my earlier post on Adam and Eve:

My 8-year old comes home the other day from school. Says he heard a joke on Adam and Eve. Guess what Adam said to Eve, he asks. I get a bit uncomfortable, as I know one that starts like that that a 8-year old shouldn’t know.
But luckily I keep a straight face, and listens attentively (but nervously).
Adam said to Eve, he continues. “Woman, you used my pants for the salad AGAIN!!!”
In the joke I know, Adam said to Eve: “Stand back, we have no idea how big this thing can get!”

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  2. Bwahahaha! Tannemys, this is too cute and I can just imagine your trepidation. ;->

  3. I could hear the sigh of relief from here! LOL

  4. I’m still sighing!

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