Even in death there is a struggle – update on Ebenezer

Julie 23, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Blogville!

After posting my plea for help for the good people of Ebenezer (they needed money to bury 4 people who died in the last two weeks) help is streaming in. The funerals were paid for immediately by a fellow blogger. Thank you HOP!  Another Day also promised a donation with more to follow when it’s her birthday (she said she will ask her sister for a donation to Ebenezer in lieu of a birthday present.) Other bloggers, like Madmom, also promised help.

I posted the plea on my facebook as well, and twisted my rich brother’s arm. He will from now on help Ebenezer on a monthly basis. By Wednesday, a whopping R9 500 has been paid into the centre’s bank account. Shirley will give me an update later today on what has been coming in.

Other money raised will go towards blankets, food and flu medicine. As you can imagine, it can’t be a joke to keep 135 people, most of them either very old or small children, healthy during the current flu epidemic. (Both my kids have been sick on and off for the two weeks since the school started. Being between a lot of other people simply gives the dreaded flu virus extra oomph.) A few years ago it cost the centre at least R1 000 a day to keep it’s doors open, and Shirley and Thomas not only manage to do that, but also look after about 40 toddlers from a nearby squatter camp in their daycare centre. As Shirley said, they had no choice, because when the mothers go out to look for work, the children are left in the care of strangers and more often than not get sexually molested. They also run a soup kitchen for the poorest of the poor in the squatter camp, and share all excess blankets and clothes with the squatters of Ennerdale and Kliptown.

I am taking a friend who wants to get involved with raising money for Ebenezer to the centre on Friday. Is there anybody else in Joburg-area who wants to go with us? If so, drop me a line.


If you want to contribute anything (blankets, food, toys, clothes) also let me know. I live in Alberton, but I’m sure we can make arrangements to get some stuff together.


 I promise you getting involved with Shirley and Thomas Merime and their work is a lesson in faith, love and hope. They are angels.

(Those that have paid in, please supply me with your e-mail details)

3 antwoorde op Even in death there is a struggle – update on Ebenezer

  1. Thanks MM!
    I can take you there if you want!
    Hope the ailments give you a break over the weekend. It’s the cold!!!

  2. Heia LO! Sorry I’m so scarce on your blog. Working my backside off.
    Yep, bloggers are special people indeed!

  3. That’s such good news Tannemys. My sister says she will put in something from herself as well as for my pressie. I wish I lived up there to be able to drop off stuff too, but have an aids charity near to my Mom which gets my clothes,towels etc. It’s great to be able to help those less fortunate, as there are unfortunately so many of them. Hugs to you, and have a great weekend.

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