Pop psychology from children’s movies

Julie 20, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

My youngest is sick in bed with a severe sinusproblem. Took him for x-ray’s yesterday, as the doctor was concerned about the nose bleeds, vomiting, fever and headaches. The good news is that medicine should do the trick, as I can’t imagine what a visit to the ENT will cost. (Or what he will want to do…)

So, he’s lying in my bed watching movies, while I’m trying to write deep and intellectual articles. (Nah, I just write articles.) In between writing book reviews and an article on the sandwich-generation, I am bombarded with the joyful sounds of movies like Barnyard, Ice Age and (last night, with his sister) even a Hannah Montana-movie.

And what do I learn?

“Life is a climb, but the view is worth it.” (from Hannah Montana, the movie)

“The greatest leaders are not the strongest ones, but the ones who cares the most for their people.” (Barnyard)

Now stop reading blogs and go and earn your bread and butter.

PS: A great big hug and lots of thanks to HOP and Another Day for their donations to Ebenaezer Care Centre for the funerals of the three old people and the baby (see my blog yesterday). Guys, may God bless you for paying kindness forward!

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  1. Hope your son is soon recovered. You paint a really homely picture of you writing away whilst he’s watching movies in bed. Happy families. ;->

  2. Ditto to Hop and AD. The world needs people like this.

  3. Thanks AD! Yes, we spent almost the whole winter so far in or on my bed. I work on the laptop while brother and sister read, watch DVD’s or play card right next to me.(One reason why I still stick to my kingsize bed!)

  4. Your Madness! Good to see you here!

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