Even in death there is a struggle

Julie 19, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

I haven’t ever asked for anything like this, dear bloggers. But this morning I received an SMS from a charity that takes care of the unwanted people of society. They need to bury three of their old people and a baby who died during the last 2 weeks. (They have a kindly undertaker who will do all 4 the burials at R3 500, and he is putting pressure on them as he can’t storie the bodies any longer.) 

I have mentioned them before in a blog or two. Ebenaezer Care Centre is situated on a small-holding just on the other side of the Grassmere Toll Plaza.

Pastor Thomas and Shirley Merime has been running this haven for the last two decades out of their own pockets. They literally take in all the unwanted people from society. Some of the things I have seen there really breaks the heart. The residents are mostly old (70 plus) or very young (from newborns), all with one thing in common: they have been abandoned. Some of the old people were found on Park Station, some found wandering the highways around Joburg where families simply stopped and forced them to get out. Others were hospitalised, only to be left there. Yet some others came out of hospital to find that “family” moved into their room, taking what little they had left in life and then chasing away the old person.

The babies are mostly abandoned. Some next to a railway line close to Ebenaezer, some left at state hospitals who then phone Shirley to fetch them. The parents simply don’t care or don’t have the material means to take care of the babies.

At Ebenaezer they find a loving home, as well as place where they can live with some dignity.

They also find a place to die in dignity and amidst loving people who became family.

Five minutes ago I received the following SMS from Shirley. I MUST ADD IT IS ONLY THE SECOND TIME IN THE LAST FIVE YEARS SHE HAS ASKED FOR ANY HELP WHATSOEVER. At Ebenaezer they work hard for every sent, producing their own vegetables, baking their own bread, teaching people skills to help earn an income.

“I am so very humbly asking for your help please. To bury a body which I’m struggling with. There are also 2 other bodies plus a baby who was so very ill of aids and tb. Things are so very hard. This is a test from God, but I stay on my knees. Please help me. God bless u in a mighty way. Shirley.”

I phoned Shirley, and she needs R3 500 to bury the baby and the 3 old people. (They were 85, 75 and 70 years old respectively.  The baby was 19 months and was abandoned at the age of 3 months. Shirley gave him a loving home for 16 months, but his little body was simply too riddled with disease to survive.)

Can you help? (They also always need food, clothes, blankets and furniture, as the need is increasing all the time and during the winter times even more old people and children are kicked out by families who can’t/won’t take care of them.)

Their banking details are:

Ebenaezer Care Centre



Branch: Lenasia

Cheque Account

This is an article 21 organisation, so you can get a receipt for tax purposes. You can phone Shirley on 082 956 7459.

I can assure you this is a legit organisation. I have been helping them get publicity for the last 9 years.

Shirely is also one of the 31 Clover Mama Africa’s. You can read more about her here: http://www.clover.co.za/245/social-responsibility (Click on “meet the mama’s, and you’ll see Shirley Merime’s pic and something about Ebenaezer.)

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  1. Hop het gesê op Julie 19, 2010

    Done 🙂

  2. ilsesalzwedel het gesê op Julie 19, 2010

    Thanks HOP! You’re a star! Hugs!

  3. robinhawkins het gesê op Julie 19, 2010

    Ai, wish I could, my friend, but with our new mouth to feed we are not surviving ourselves. I admire you for making this appeal. Well done, Hop!

  4. ilsesalzwedel het gesê op Julie 19, 2010

    Thanks DV. I understand completely.

    Hugs to you too!

  5. This has so touched my heart and perfectly fits in with my “Random acts of kindness” blog today. I’ve asked hubby to do a transfer and as my birthday is coming up, will ask my sister to send money to them instead of buying me a present. This is so sad and made me want to cry. Ps: Can you confirm the spelling of Ebenaezar. Is the “a” meant to be in there?

  6. ilsesalzwedel het gesê op Julie 19, 2010

    Thanks SO much, AD! I don’t have words for kindness like this.
    Hmmm… Now you have me thinking about the spelling. I’ve always spelt it this way. Let me know if it affects making a transfer (some of the banks can be difficult when it comes to spelling of beneficiaries’ names).

  7. ilsesalzwedel het gesê op Julie 20, 2010

    Thanks MM! Much obliged!

  8. adeeyoyo het gesê op Julie 20, 2010

    I saw your comment and link on Cindy’s post. I am posting tomorrow (21st) on abandoned children and would like your permission to add your link to my WordPress blog.

  9. ilsesalzwedel het gesê op Julie 21, 2010

    Hi Adeeyoyo! Please feel free to do so! It will help Ebenezer and charities like them so much if there is more awareness!

  10. ludibirk het gesê op November 23, 2010

    I would like to offer to host a Toy-Toy session to manufacture some furniture for Ebenhaezer, perhaps some cots or beds or tables and chairs. All we need is some volunteers with a Saturday on their hands, to select a suitable date and venue (we are in the Alberton area) and then we can roll.

  11. Lodewikus, I’ll post this, thank you very much!

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