A template of “I love you too”? What’s next?

Junie 30, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

I got an upgrade on my cellphone more than a year ago. As my old phone was still functioning and because I hate to get to know the intimate details of a new phone, I carried on using the trusted old mobile.

Last week trusted old mobile gave up on life, and took with it a great many phone numbers I needed, as well as some pics and many SMS’s with important information. But even that wasn’t such a drama as getting to know the new phone. (A Nokia something. My old one was a Samsung. And before that one I had many a Nokia)

So, what’s the big deal, you ask? The big deal is that I press the space button when I want to change to capital letters, and vice versa. And that I have sent many a blank sms when I press the reply button to hard. It seems the Nokia is ubersensitive when it comes to touching it’s digits. Or maybe I am just getting old, and an acute case of techological impairment is setting in.

While trying to figure things out, I browsed through the phone.

Under instant messages,  those that you send back while in a meeting/driving/having sex (not that I’m speaking from experience on the latter, as I will need a manual for that too), I find several handy messages that can be conveyed by moving your fingers once or twice or maybe four times.

And what do I find there, nogal last on the list? “I love you too”!

What have we come to? An era where even the most meaningfull of phrases is stored on a phone under template?

I’d rather end up an old spinster with seven cats and a swearing parrot than receive templates from my love.

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  1. innocence het gesê op Junie 30, 2010

    But isn’t it the thought that counts…

  2. Bwahahaha!

  3. Mefinks not. Rather then send me an X or a smiley face or whatever, but don’t send me a template!

  4. Aha. But is there thought in quickly tapping a template?

  5. Hey. To hell with safe sex, eh. What you need is simple sex. No hands required, lol.

  6. innocence het gesê op Junie 30, 2010

    I would be inclined to say yes because the motivation behind sending the template must be because you were thinking about the person in the first place…

  7. Notice the TOO in I love you too. I imagine it is send in RESPONSE to a love missive. Surely if somebody takes the time to send you a declaration of love, then you should at least take a few seconds to do something original?

  8. @ DV: you are so funny!

  9. innocence het gesê op Junie 30, 2010

    well it could very well be sent in response to a message saying. ‘I love you’, which is hardly that original either.

  10. Hope this function isn’t used by real people Tannemys. How sad if this is something we need in our busy lives. Unbelievable!

  11. czardas het gesê op Junie 30, 2010


    [This is an automatically generated response from the blog of Count Czardas. Never in a million years would he actually say LOL if he were responding in person. He would rather run naked through a field of sugarcane than use LOL as a response.]

  12. Bwahahaha

    (This is an automated reply from Tannemys. Actually, it is an instinctive reply…)

  13. My thoughts exactly!

  14. …But which isn’t chosen from a template!!

    Checkmate, mefinks?

  15. Anything but a stale mate, eh….

  16. lol – lower case default

  17. innocence het gesê op Junie 30, 2010

    You’re assuming of course that Ericsson, Motorola, Siemens etc. don’t have ‘I love you’ as a template. Parry riposte…

  18. Must admit I have never seen this kind of template before. And I have had at least one Ericson, two Samsungs and three Nokias in the last 10 years of being a cellphone subscriber. This was a first!

  19. erikavz het gesê op Julie 1, 2010

    Just be careful that you send that message to the wrong person

  20. Jip, like my ex-husband, for instance. That template should read differently: I still think you are an….

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