The prez and the orphan

Junie 9, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

Realised today again why I like the prez. (Although I don’t always agree with him.) Mr Zuma visited Frances Vorwerg School for Disabled Children today, and as I am involved with fundraising for the school, I was invited too.

The reason why JZ visited, was Paul Jarvis, a 10-year old disabled orphan who can’t read or write at all. But Paul made the loveliest sketch of the president, and phoned the presidency FOUR times to ask when the president can fetch it. And then he did, today!

I will never forget today. Seeing the children’s faces, hearing the laughter, watching the excitement levels rise as we waited for him. (He flew from Durban just after 8h00, landed at Waterkloof, was brought the 70km to the school in the south of Joburg where he spent a very jolly hour with them. After that he went to meet Bafana, inspect the official SABC-facilities for overseas journalists and a lot of other official WC-stuff.)

Little Paul stole everybody’s hearts. He sat on the stage, riveted, not moving. His foster mother said he couldn’t sleep last night. Zuma spoke a lot about the need for communities to acknowledge their disabled children, and said he was shocked about the lack of involvement from government when it comes to the funding of school’s like Frances Vorwerg. (He was briefly briefed by some officials.)

Paul also stole the prez’s heart when he handed him R10 worth of coins with the request to “please give it a to a really poor child”. Man, what a day!


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  1. benmica het gesê op Junie 9, 2010

    What a day…

  2. Kalbaskraal het gesê op Junie 9, 2010

    I’m 38 years old and have geniune tears in my eyes, Paul Jarvis, I salute you,

    keep up the good work whoever you are, who wrote this post.

  3. doorboot het gesê op Junie 9, 2010

    Good on both of them, well done JZ! And good on Paul for dreaming big

  4. barbarainct het gesê op Junie 9, 2010

    Absolutely brilliant.
    But, JZ is considered one of the most charasmatic of the world’s leaders.

  5. ludibirk het gesê op Junie 10, 2010

    Regtig trane-in-die oë storie
    Iets wat daardie kinders vir die res van hul lewens as ‘n magic moment sal koester
    En daardie kind leer vir baie van ons wat integriteit werklik beteken

  6. Thanks guys! JZ has something more than charisma, Barbara. He has a “human-ness” that is seldom seen with people in high position, be they the dominee, the headmaster or the town clerk. I could see he was geniunely exhausted. Remember, he came back from Moembaai on Sunday or Monday. On Tuesday he attended a UN-function in Durban, and yesterday morning early he flew here.
    It is very overwhelming to be confronted with the disabilities some of these children have. It is saliva dripping from mouths, extremely spastic children, some with tracheotomy-holes in the throats, etc.
    After he gathered himself, he gave his all. During the speech he at one point became almost tearful when he told of Paul’s gift of R10.He then danced on stage with the Diski-mascot, on the floor with the kids and then even posed for pics despite his bodyguards and entourage getting very edgy because he was running an hour late.

  7. kimstories het gesê op Junie 10, 2010

    that R10 just set the water works in motions here
    oh my word!

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