The child with the bow and arrow…

Junie 7, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

… has since my previous post discovered the fridge door. While I was cooking dinner he taught his 11-year old sister the finer points of bow and suckie arrow shooting. “Jislaaik,” he said, “you must see how they stick to the TV!!” (Which is where I draw the line, by the way.)

Earlier, when we fetched his sister from ballet, he experimented with where the arrows can stick in my car. He stuck the 5 arrows to the windscreen succesfully. (NOT that I am the kind of mother who allow my kids to do anything they want, but a car is just something to get me from A to B and as long as he cleans the windows himself, it’s fine by me). Then he tried to let them stick to the dashboard. No dice.

When the first one plopped loose, he gave a dramatic little yelp: “Oh, little Johnie, watch out!”

It turns out wacky son considers the arrows his children, and calls them names like Ellie, Peaches, Eddie, Madison, Little Johnie. Or no, since he watched Ice Age 3 most of the day, I hear Madison and Johnie is no more.

They are now called Crash and Syd. 

Pray for me, piepil… 

5 antwoorde op The child with the bow and arrow…

  1. genie01 het gesê op Junie 7, 2010

    Good luck!

    I wish I can teach my labrador to clean the car’s windows.

  2. Indeed. All the old licks and noseprints…

  3. I hope not too soon. I adore my two!

  4. Oh dear Tannemys, I think you should have nipped this in the bud. It’s gone too far though now. You’ll just have to sit it out. ;->

  5. Momma-Mia het gesê op Junie 9, 2010

    This is funny!!!! Maybe not now to you but really it’s actually very cute!! 🙂

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