Tannemys, the blind date and innoculations

April 18, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

The blind date went extremely well, thank ye very much! We met for coffee on Thursday to break the ice before Friday, so come Friday night it was as if going with somebody I know quite well.

I’m happy to report that (in answer to my previoius questions), he has his own hair and teeth, his mother is dead and thus didn’t accompany us on the date, he doesn’t drive a Vespa, he can sit upright at a table and eat with a knife and fork, the crazy ex lives far, far away with a new man (so, she didn’t stalk us) etc, etc.

No, seriously, great fun was had by all. The occasion was the ATKVeertjies, one of the most prestigeous award evenings in the media industry. Achievers in the Afrikaans media are honoured annually by the ATKV with this event, and this year’s function was the best in the five years that I have been attending. Every thing, from flowers to food to the MC’s to the entertainment, were superb. Really an event the ATKV can be very proud of.

As a single mother I really enjoyed a Friday night of talking to grown ups on grown up topics. And dressing up for a function and being escorted by a nice man is also worlds away from what I am used to.

Had myself and the kids innoculated against whooping cough this weekend. For those of you not following health reporting, PLEASE heed the warnings and have yourself innoculated against measles, whooping cough and H1N1-flu, as experts are predicting pandemic outbreaks of these three conditions this winter in SA. Remember, measles can kill, so don’t consider it to be merely a children’s disease. And whooping cought outbreaks started in November last year already around Gauteng, and is on the increase.

Now I’m going to attack today’s newspapers.

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  1. I think we might just…

  2. LYLO het gesê op April 18, 2010

    Glad all went well Tan

  3. Blind dates are really tough on us men – fancy having your hair examined under the microscope and your teeth counted and poked! Still, if you make the grade – it is all worth it!

  4. Mr Mukori, it seems this guy is still running. For the hills…

  5. Oh, and us females feel the same, don’t you worry. We just have other things to be checked under the microscope. Boobs (is it real?), cellulite (what IS she hiding under that dress?), tummy (when is she having the baby?) etc.

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