Tired of Malema and his hate speech? Sign this petition that will accompany the court complaint.

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Yep, I have a thing about Malema. Most of us do. We are tired of his brainless very vocal outbursts. We are tired of the hate speech. We are tired of the fact that government and the ANC seems to condone his behaviour. We are tired of the fact that heis singlehandedly busy destroying all that democracy and the new SA (yep, remember that one!) stands for.

Solidarity’s Afriforum is taking Malema to court over the Kill the Boer-hate speech. YOU can help to strengthen their case by signing their petition.

Yes, I’m also beginning to lose faith in the official side of things in SA, with, amongst other things, the demotion of state prosecutors that chose to stand up for what they believe is right. BUT: THIS DOESN’T MEAN WE HAVE TO JUST SIT AND LET IT HAPPEN.

PLEASE support initiatives like this!

Here’s the background, taken from www.stopmalema.co.za

Julius Malema recently sung the song “Awedubula i’Dubulu” at at least two public events. Here is a translated version of the song:

Ayasaba amagwala

“They are scared the cowards”

Awudubule (i)bhunu

“Do shoot the/a farmer”

Ziyarobha le zintsha

“They rob us, these dogs”

The word “farmer” is used in this context as an expletive to refer to whites, or more specifically to Afrikaners. AfriForum Youth has launched a campaign to stop Julius Malema’s inciting statements for once and for all. This campaign will only succeed if YOU participate in it. The campaign will include the following:

  • A complaint of hate speech at the Equality Court

A hate speech complaint has been submitted by AfriForum Youth and AfriForum against Malema. Julius Malema is the first respondent and the ANC the second respondent. The ANC has been added as party, because they stated that there is nothing wrong with the words “Shoot the farmers”. In this case, AfriForum Youth and AfriForum demand:

  1. That the song “Awudubule (i)bhunu” should be declared to be hate speech;
  2. That Julius Malema is ordered to apologise for his conduct;
  3. That Julius Malema is ordered to pay a fine and that this money should go to organisations that work with the victims of farm attacks; and
  4. That the case is referred to the National Director of Public Prosecutions for the criminal prosecution of Malema.
  • Stop Malema petition

A petition has been launched to prove that South Africans do not condone Malema’s actions. The petition will be sent to Malema’s email address. This will also serve as evidence against Malema in court. Petition forms can be downloaded from here and faxed back to AfriForum Youth. In addition R10-00 can be contributed to the campaign by sending the word “STOP” by SMS to 38655 (in other words each SMS is charged at R10-00).

AfriForum Jeug het in minder as twee weke meer as 10 000 name op die Stop Malema-petisie ingesamel.  Hierdie petisie gaan tydens AfriForum Jeug se haatspraak-klag teen Julius Malema by die hof gebruik word om te wys hoe ernstig die publiek voel daaroor dat stappe teen Malema geneem moet word.  In die hofsaak eis ons die volgende:

  • dat Malema, die ANC Jeugliga en die ANC verbied word om enige uitsprake te maak wat rassehaat en –geweld aanmoedig;
  • dat Malema beveel word om die publiek vir sy uitsprake om verskoning te vra;
  • dat Malema beveel word om skadevergoeding te betaal aan organisasies wat met die slagoffers van plaasaanvalle werk; en
  • dat Malema se saak na die direkteur van Openbare Vervolgings vir strafregtelike vervolging verwys word.

10 000 name is nog nie genoeg nie.  Om die petisie sterk en geloofwaardig te maak, gaan ons minstens 25 000 name nodig hê.

Jy kan help om Malema tot verantwoording te roep deur die volgende te doen:

  • Ondersteun die Stop Malema petisie by www.stopmalema.co.za;
  • SMS die woord “Stop” na 38655 om R10 te skenk vir die regskostes in die saak wat teen Malema gevoer word (elke SMS kos R10-00);
  • Stuur hierdie e-pos asseblief aan al jou kontakte!

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  1. kolobe het gesê op Maart 31, 2010

    I can see Afriforum is making money with the malema mania

  2. And Malema is TAKING money: taxpayers money.

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