Pic of Mugabe like you’ve never seen him before…

Maart 30, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

Although I suspect that his good, bestest best buddy Jewels the Joefleader will disagree on this outfit. Latest news on our much-disliked-Joefleader is that he is leaving for Zim on Friday with an ANCYL delegation to go and see how nationalisation worked for Zim.

For anybody with more than two braincells, it would have been a very short trip – to the inner city of Joburg and back, seeing that half of Zim is now living there. But not our Jewels! Nay, the man is thorough when it comes to idiotic things. He will spend the whole of Easter weekend with ole Bob to learn about the wonders of stealing land and killing democracy (and a couple of hundred of people).

Anyhoe, here’s the promised picture of Bob (by Zapiro, of course). He with the sharp eye.

3 antwoorde op Pic of Mugabe like you’ve never seen him before…

  1. This Julius worries me lots. This is how Hitler rose to power, by becoming very visible and making outrageous speeches.

  2. Hmmm. Maybe, but the rhetoric will be the same. Just louder.

  3. You’re so right.

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