Simply Slim: a conspiracy or not?

Januarie 29, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

Nou reken, as they say in Afrikaans. (The printed) Beeld has yet another big story on Simply Slim this morning. They had the tablets tested that caused a 20-year old, otherwise fit and healthy young woman, to spend five days in hospital with severe heart palpitations. It not only cost her thousands of rand in hospital charges (she has a hospital plan only) but her heart valve might be damaged. She claims her cardiologist, Dr. Andrew Sarkin, told her that the damage will hopefully be reversed in the long run.

Beeld had the Simply Slim-tablets tested by Pharmaworx, an independent lab in Midrand, and Pharmaworx concluded that it contained 27mg of cybutrin, the active ingredient of prescription drugs such as Reductil, Ciplatrim and Ectiva. All medicine containing this must be registered with the SA Medical Council. Medicine control agencies in Europe last week recommended that cybutramine should be outlawed even in prescription medicine as it can lead to cardiovascular disorders and things like strokes and heart-attacks. (See my previous posts on this.)

The capsules Beeld had tested was packed in exactly the same foil packaging like that of Simply Slim, but didn’t contain a certain code. Simply Slim claims that all the “fake” Simply Slim on the market gets packed in a greenish container, which these tablets were not. Beeld reports the packaging in all the cases where people report side-effects even had the telltale Simply Slim-hologram on.) The Simply Slim-agent who sold the product to the young woman, maintains she gets all her stock from Simply Slim’s head office, as did all other agents when their customers complain about side effects.

But the plot thickens. In an updated story on Beeld’s website, it was found that the contents of some of the capsules tested, differed. Not only in the colour of the contents, but also in the cybutramine content. It ranged between 9mg and 26,3mg. Cybutramine was also found in HNS New Me (25,8mg), Forme Slim (25,6mg) and Nu-Evo (29,1mg), according to Beeld’s website story. A Cape Town pathologist also claims finding 27 mg of cybutramin in Simply Slim in November last year, just about when the craze hit South Africa. Read the full online story here at (You can also take part in an online debate on this. So, if you had a bad experience, now is the time to voice it.)

Interesting point: ALL the agents that sold the tested tablets claim they buy their products from Simply Slim’s head office. So, whose fault is it? Is Simply Slim being crooked by their supplier, or are they cheating their agents?

Either way, I still think one should be very careful about popping pills as long as the jury is out on what exactly the contents are, and until Simply Slim can prove beyond all doubt that their product is above suspicion and legally registered with the right authorities her in SA. (Which they were not up to now. Why not??)

Human beings are funny things. We won’t take our precious cars to a backyard mechanic, but only to the specialist at the dealer. Yet, we put our hands in the hands of people that are not medically trained to distribute products very possibly containing potentially dangerous drugs. Can you afford NOT to think about your longterm health?

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  1. Thanks MM – have a lovely day. (Although it looks like it’s going to rain again.)

  2. Great post. Surely with so much controversy the tablets should be withdrawn from the market (at least temporarily)?

  3. mg42 het gesê op Januarie 29, 2010

    Your last paragraph says it all!

    Thanks for the info.

  4. Weight control can only be done effectively with a healthy balanced diet. This way your body gets ALL the nutrients to control your weight (and health) Adding chemicals upsets the natural balnce.

    You have said it well!!

    Have a great weekend!

  5. Wat kos die pilletjies?

  6. R590 – byna dieselfde as voorskrifmedisyne, maar dubbeld so gevaarlik. Sien my jongste post.

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