Child trafficking: it’s happening in Haiti AS WE SPEAK!!

Januarie 28, 2010 in Sonder kategorie

Read the full story in Time magazine. The article heading says it all: “Human predators stalk Haiti’s vulnerable kids”.  One of the most shocking things is that, even before the earthquake, concern was expressed about the number of child slaves in Haiti. A whopping, estimated 300 000 are so called restaveks, in Haiti and abroad.

As Time explains: “Restavek in Creole means “to stay with,” an innocuous term for a far more sinister practice — children, often given up by their poor Haitian families, “stay with” more affluent families as slaves. And like most slaves, they’re usually subject to physical, emotional and sexual abuse.”

As 150 000 people died in the quake, thousands of children were orphaned, raising concern about the orphans welfare. Why?

 “Says a UNICEF official who is monitoring reports of scenes like the one witnessed by Pean: “Traffickers fish in pools of vulnerability, and we’ve rarely if ever seen one like this.”

Read more:,28804,1953379_1953494_1957160,00.html#ixzz0dvFqIaEF
* (Sarcastic) footnote to self: Will this be considered a credible enough source? Remember to check publication’s credentials for racism and sensationalism. 

6 antwoorde op Child trafficking: it’s happening in Haiti AS WE SPEAK!!

  1. Ye Gods’. we live in a sick world, and that’s the truth…

  2. Napier het gesê op Januarie 28, 2010

    cannot believe it… just could not read past the first sentence. God, we live in a warped sick world!!!

  3. Absolutely shocking, but we shouldn’t be surprised. Some people are a complete waste of space.

  4. We have a similar situation right here in South Africa and it has been getting worse in the face of 2010 soccer.
    We do not have laws that specifically deal with human trafficking and this is a prblem

  5. I am indeed aware of that. But pointing this out in a well meant earlier post (see three previous posts)had a certain blogger very hot under the collar. As usual, when logic fails, racism and sensationalism was brought into the attack.

  6. inadk het gesê op Januarie 29, 2010

    What a sick world we live is!

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