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My 10 things for that deserted island (Pheasant Plu’s challenge)

Desember 22, 2009 in Sonder kategorie

Pheasant said Blanket and I can go with him. We’re leaving tomorrow, before the Xmas rush for deserted islands.

I shall be working through the night to assemble my ten things:

1) A crate of books (it does count as one item if it’s in a crate, right??)

2) A crate of Muskadel (how many boxes in a crate, you reckon?)

3) my immitation Crocs – only discovered them about three weeks ago, and found out they are perfect for walking on rocks full of sharp mussels. (And for preventing crabs from biting your toes… my secret fear since I first set foot in water as a little girl)

4) a journal and a pen – can’t spend a day not writing

5) my camera

6) my cross Labrador Dory – she’s amazing company

7) Cola Tonic and sprite Zero, lots of!!

8) Suntan lotion – I missed a spot on my knee last week at Hibberdene, and it’s starting to look like a burn wound. Turning purpleish. So, if you happen to see somebody with a purple red knee, white legs and one pinkish knee in Joburg, that would be me.

9) Pixie, my funny black dog. The size of a Jack Russell, but the heart of a lion. Can protect us against cannibals, because Dory will be useless unless one can lick an intruder to death…

10) Herbs and spices (I really pity those poor eejits on Survivor when they have to eat, say, a pelican without even having salt and black pepper.)

Can Luc and Zoe come with? We won’t see them at all as long as we have the dogs, the beach and an island to explore, and as you can see from my previous pic they might come in handy for finding fish. 

Ps: Am in a much better mood today. The ranting and raving helped tremendously, and your thoughts and good wishes and prayers certainly reached my soul. But the ex is SOOOOO screwed… Realised he’s conveniently forgetting about another monthly amount due to me. And to think I was so nice I didn’t even go after half his pension fund as was my right. Piece of advice for wannabee-divorcees: get a WATERTIGHT settlement, because no matter how amicable you’re trying to keep things, it will come back and bite you in the ass unless your ex is the Pope himself…


Luc’s blood tests came back – SEVERELY allergic to bees and whasps, which means I have to keep an EPIPEN with him at all times. An adrenaline injection thingie costing the medical aid almost R3 000 (the last one we got expired four months after receiving it. How’s that for daylight robbery??) Will have to start the immunology program in January. It involves weekly injections of small amounts of bee poison under monitored conditions for the next two to five years until Luc’s count is out of life-threatening range, if that’s the correct way of putting it. Hopefully Discovery will pay, otherwise the poison alone costs R3 000 per year, plus R200 per order to the Medical Council of SA who imports it, or something. )

Snorkeling without the snorkel

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THIS is how you do it if you are 7 years old!

A tearful goodnight

Desember 21, 2009 in Sonder kategorie

My two kids usually thank the Lord for any- and everything in their evening prayers. I have always allowed them to just pray whatever they feel thankful for or worried about. Tonight, on her 11th birthday, Zoe’s normally chirpy “Dankie liewe Heer vir ‘n lekker dag van speel en lag” was cut short. The laugh-bit was dropped. As was the “lekker”. Therefore, thank you for today and that I could play.

And, as always, she prays that the Lord will change her drunk dad’s heart. Him of the non-believer-doesn’t-give-a-rat’s-ass kind.

Luc did the same, of course, being seven and sweet and always sensitive for other people’s feelings, and sad for his sister who had such a miserable birthday.

What could I then pray to set an example? In the last five years I had to deal with finding out that my daughter was molested, getting the right therapy for her, divorcing the drinking-and-deep-in-denial-husband, hitting rock-bottom financially after divorce, car accident and losing my mom as a result of the accident just as I was getting back on my feet, and then looking after my dad and seeing him die of cancer for the last 13 months.

I must have broken a mirror or two too many during my childhood, hence all the unhappy years. Or I must have been a bad, bad person without realising it. (Bet my ex will even manage to get a “hallelujah” to that over his lips in between sips of vodka!)

But, as I said to the tearful babes, tomorrow we get up and we try again, and it helps to remember that we never went to bed hungry or dirt-poor ever in their lives. And luckily Jesus provides for us (and not their stupid dad). And His timing is not our timing.

Ps: I would love a little bit of tar road after all the dirt road and potholes of the last few years… Now going to read a murder mystery while trying to summons the energy to be my usual positive self again tomorrow. And to get a few articles done before the Xmas-feeling truly gets hold of me…SORRY for whingeing in your ears tonight. NO MORE OF THIS TOMORROW, PROMISE!!)


PPS: I think there is a very special sort of hell for alcoholics and people who refuses to pay for what their children really need… But what do you tell your daughter if she asks you if her dad will be going to heaven one day, especially if you know that he literally laughs at religion? 

Blue Monday

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Drove back to Jozi yesterday. Decided to stop for tea in the quaint little town of Nottingham Road. If you have never been, please do yourself the favour of turning off the N3 next time you go to Durban or Johannesburg. Bought three bestsellers (albeit last year’s) for R190 from the bookshop. Not sure if it is previously read books, as the books are immaculate. But the guy who sold it to me, must be the unhappiest soul in the whole wide world. So much sighing!! (Or maybe it was just me full of the joys of a week of blissful seaside relaxing…)

The joy was shattered this morning, though. Blue Monday indeed. Went for my annual optometry check-up, and took 7-year old Luc with as he had all these problems with headaches earlier in the year. The paediatrician even ordered a brain scan, as the headaches border on migraine in severity. Turns out it’s his eyes. Astigmatism coupled with my problem – we can read perfectly well without glasses, but can’t see five metres far. So, he has to get glasses. Not such a big deal, I suppose, but it’s rough if you are an active 7-year old. I always want my children’s lives to be smooth, but I suppose that’s just plain naive.

Next went to the paediatrician to see if they can put him on immunology-programme to cure him over time from his allergy for beestings. So, a blood test, scratch tests to see if he was allergic to anything else (like pollen, animals, etc) and a head to toe check-up. Wasn’t happy with his lungs (he gets croup every winter since year 1, and even spent a few days in hospital with pneumonia when he was a year old). Casually mentioned that the athletics coach once let me know that Luc had trouble breathing after running long distance, something I didn’t even think about twice. They did some lung function tests, he had to run around a lot, blow into pipes, blablabla. Turns out he is asthmatic – exercise induced only, and he will outgrow it. But for now we need the asthma pump once a day, and another one for acute attacks.

Had the biggest row EVER with arsehole ex-husband over maintenance. He owes me R2300, and promised to pay it two weeks ago. The less said about the poor excuse for a human being the better.

Suffice it to say that I will not be nice anymore. For the last three years I have allowed his dog to stay here every day while ex goes to work, and Martha even washed and ironed his laundry here (my W and E). She also cleaned his flat for an extra R300 per month so that I can afford her services, as she is the MAIN caretaker of OUR children when I’m working.

In exchange he hasn’t paid his half of the school fees, nor half of extramurals, nor medical aid levies and shortfalls. as per divorce agreement. Nor the annual increases. Plus he is binge drinking to such an extent that I can’t let the kids go there without worrying about their safety, plus my daughter bluntly refuses to go. He loves bad-mouthing me, and of course it makes them feel uncomfortable as they spent 99,9% of their lives with me. (He stopped caring for us the day he re-discovered dagga and booze. Thanks to his good buddy Dave…)

Poor Zoe. Today she turned 11, and we had a horrible, horrible day. I spent almost three hours at the peadiatrician with Luc, while she stayed with a friend of mine. The “dad” only phoned her at 15h30, as he “was too afraid to phone because of me”. Pathetic, silly, drunk bastard. When I told him about Luc’s glasses and asthma he said he doesn’t actually care where I spent most of today, as I’m spoiling his holiday with my “unfair demand” for money.

Sorry, but I am beginning to hate men. Or is it just because I always end up with the spineless, ego-sentric ones?

Oribi Gorge

Desember 18, 2009 in Sonder kategorie

Our holiday at Hibberdene on the Natal South Coast is almost over. One more day, and then it’s back to Jozi. Uggghhh! Today wasn’t a good day for the beach, so we went to see Oribi Gorge on the other side of Port Shepstone (on the Kokstad Road). A few nutcases were bungee jumping and foefiesliding there, but I could barely manage walking over the hanging bridge over the gorge. The top pic was taken from the bridge, just before the idiot behind us started rocking the damn bridge.

Pics on previous posts were all taken on Hibberdene’s beach. Incidentally, my parents used to live in Hiberdene before I was born. Every now and again I want to phone them to say this or that about the places they always spoke about: Umzumbi, Port Shepstone, Hibberdene… only to remember I can’t phone them anymore.

The little town is still but a village. According to friend Josie, in whose flat we’re staying, almost nothing has changed here over the last two decades.

A note on sunscreen: I’ve NEVER experienced such severe sunburn as this year. Despite factor 40 sunscreen. Mother Earth is really getting her revenge on us. If you’re planning to come to the coast, don’t even bother with anything less than factor 40.

Sunset on the beach

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Fat woman and crocodile on Margate’s beach

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Susan Boyle’s new album, and an interview with her

Desember 11, 2009 in Sonder kategorie

Got it for myself for Xmas! (Seeing that I’m a divorced orphan that doesn’t believe in Santa anymore…)

I’m not a music critic, nor do I ever want to be one. I would run out of things to say, as I find most reviews full of jargon, be it negative or positive jargon.

I do like the sound of Susan’s aptly named I Dreamed a Dream. It’s the kind of music that I like to listen to, especially at this time of the year (non-irritating, non-noisy, nice lyrics and a good voice).

The clip about Susan’s debut at Brittain’s Got Talent blew me away. So, maybe part of me just wanted to buy this to continue believing in a good ending for one of life’s underdogs. Just think where this woman with her fenomenal voice could have been if “discovered” earlier and trained to really use her incredible voice.

Irishcentral.com reported earlier this week that Boyle is rumoured to have been invited to perform for Michelle Obama on her 46th birthday on January 17th in the First Family’s private quarters at a small gathering of family and close friends.

About the album:


This is what Bob Lefsetz had to say, according to www.susanboylefanclub.com:

“Bob Lefsetz sent an e-mail to his many subscribers last week, lamenting the eye-popping chart success of Susan Boyle, the I Dreamed a Dream singer who was discovered earlier this year on the realty TV show Britain’s Got Talent.

Lefsetz, the popular music industry analyst behind the Lefsetz Letter, argued that, despite its success, Boyle’s debut record, I Dreamed a Dream, has “the nutritional value of Fruit Loops.” Fair enough. Fruit Loops might not be good for you, but millions sure do like them, nonetheless.

Boyle’s debut sold 701,000 copies in its first week, the best six-day total for an album in the U.S. this year.”

Now me, I don’t even like fruit loops – more of a muesli kind of girl – but I like Susan’s first CD. Just think what is possible after some more work on her voice and talent. Lefsetz list Britney Spears as, among others, one of the female artists that Susan still has to pass on her way to the top. But I wonder if Britney’s fans aren’t getting a little bit fed-up with their star. First going bananas after having children, and recently caught out miming Down Under on her tour…


Here’s an interview that appeared in the Seattle TV Guide:

Susan Boyle may be a worldwide phenomenon now, but she once was the youngest of nine children, a shy, bullied girl, who used music as an escape. As she gears up for her exclusive TV Guide Network concert special, I Dreamed a Dream: The Susan Boyle Story (Sunday, Dec. 13 at 8/7c), Boyle sat down with the creators of the special to relive each step of her inspirational journey. In Part 1 of the interview, Boyle discusses the Britain’s Got Talent audition that changed her life forever, and how her closeness with her mother was a driving force behind her success.

What was it about Britain’s Got Talent that made you want to apply for it?
Well, I’d watched the show on television like everyone. And I had promised my mum that I would do something with my life just before she died. So I applied for it, filled out the application form, went through the preliminaries, went before the panel and then was lucky enough to be picked by them.

Who had you enjoyed on the show before?
I liked the Glaswegians on it when I saw it on the TV. But it was when I saw wee [choir singer] Faryl [Smith] that I thought “I could do that. I fancy that.” Paul Potts was exceptional too. He was an inspiration to everybody, all the ordinary people like me that just enjoy singing. If you can do it when you’re working in the Carphone Warehouse you can do it from anywhere.

What were your nerves like at the audition?
Pretty jangled, you know? I was all over the place. I went on stage and my knees were knocking, but I decided you either show nerves or you get cheeky with it. I said, ‘Right, the cheek’s the thing.’ I introduced myself as Susan Boyle and that I’d like to be a professional singer like Elaine Paige. … Everything I said to the judges was completely unplanned. The Elaine Paige thing I’d thought of before because she’s always been a favorite, but the carrying on and the swagger? I had no idea where that came from.

Why did you choose the song “I Dreamed A Dream”?
It was just a song I loved from a musical I loved. I’d seen a production of Les Miserables in Edinburgh, and I liked the mother figure. It was after my mother died that I’d seen the show, and I loved the song and what it meant. I’d sort of regressed after she’d died, if you like.

Can we talk about your mother?
Of course we can. It was life-changing not having her to depend on so much. I had to learn to do things for myself. … This was a promise that I’d made to my mum — that I’d do something with my singing. She was the reason I pursued my singing. She had a good belief that I could do it. … We’d seen a soloist singing on the TV just before she passed, and I said, “Is that what you want me to do, mum?” And she said, “Yes,” and I said, “Are you serious?” And she said, “Of course I am.” So, I decided to do something about it. I couldn’t straight away because the bereavement hit me hard. But I’m getting over that slowly and putting my promise into practice.

How did you cope with that bereavement?
After mum died in 2007, it didn’t fully register until maybe six months after, when the loneliness set in and there was nobody around except my cat. When you lose someone as powerful as your mum, you feel as if a part of you is taken away and that does things to your confidence. My confidence was pretty down at that time. A good way of leveling it out, I found, was to tell myself that even though she’s not here physically, mentally and spiritually she is. That’s what keeps you going. I have my faith, which is the backbone of who I am, really.  

What was it like growing up in such a large family?
Oh, we were quite a squad, all with different abilities, but all very musical. My brother Joe was a songwriter, too. My dad used to sing. My mother sung and played piano. I have two sisters that are very good singers. We were a wee bit like the Von Trapps! There were guitars sitting about in the house and a piano, and we’d all experiment with them. We loved The Beatles in the ’60s. I was just a wee lassie and we’d sit and watch Top of the Pops and wait for them and The Rolling Stones come on. My dad hated that program, so he used to turn it down. I used to turn it up just for devilment.

Outside of music, are your memories of growing up happy?
They’re mixed, like everybody else’s. The majority of my childhood was quite happy until I started getting bullied at school. They used to knock me about a bit and try and make me cry. There’s nothing worse than another person having power over you by bullying you, and you not knowing how to get rid of that thing… I didn’t think I could trust anybody, and it made me a bit of a sitting target. By the time I got to secondary school, I wasn’t sure who was my friend or my enemy. I didn’t make friends very easily. I did try [to] speak to people, but they made fun of me. I often felt pushed aside.  

Was music a release from this?
It was a complete emotional release. I had a slight disability… and I had to find my abilities and concentrate on that instead. Singing was the one thing that I was good at. Music was my escape, and my brother bought me lots of LPs. I was daft about the Osmonds at the time. I used to go up to my bedroom and play records. I could be who I wanted to be. I used to imagine myself singing to an audience. It was my safe haven. Even at 13, I would see people singing on the TV and wanted to be in that position and entertain people.

When did you first discover that you had a powerful voice?
I’ve sung since I was about 9. I’d do theatrical stuff and join choirs. I was picked for a solo once, but choirs for me were about hiding behind other people. They were about taking comfort in letting other people take the lead. I was quite shy back then. Hard to believe after everything that’s happened this year, I know! But I was. By the time you get to my age, you lose that shyness.

If you’d told the young Susan, at 12 years old, that this was what was going to happen to her, what would she have said?
She wouldn’t have said a word. She would’ve been too shy to say anything.  

A lot of the music on your album has a religious flavor to it.
There’s a couple of hymns on there. It seemed right. “How Great Thou Art” is a song that takes me right back to my childhood. On a personal level, church is very important to me; it’s the central point of my faith, and I recognize that God gives you gifts that you have to use to the best of your ability. I hope I’ve got the right professionalism to do that now. I know that I’ve got the right people behind me to bring it forward. I just hope that I can.

The church has always been my friend in the times where I was being bullied, where I felt lonely. When I lost my mother, it helped me through it. … My faith gives me an inner strength and helped me through the periods of self-doubt. I will always continue to keep that kind of linkage. It’s not just about being an entertainer. … Another part of it is being connected with someone else, and that someone else is my faith.

Do you understand why your tremendous story has connected with so many people?
I don’t know, really. It’s an unusual story. I was often left behind at school because of one thing or another. I was a slow learner. I’m just a wee bit slower at picking things up than other people are. So you get left behind in a system that just wants to rush on, you know? That was what I felt was happening to me, and this feels like a good way of making up for that. A very, very enjoyable way of making up for it as well.

I didn’t know what YouTube was until I was in the record offices and saw the clip and the number of hits. I’m still trying to come to terms with it. The fans have been amazing, and the mail I have received: phenomenal. I have been sent beautiful gifts, including books, toiletries and a vintage dress from the 1950s that had been in a family for generations and they wanted me to have it. It’s indescribable that someone would want me to have something so precious. Everyone has shown me such kindness and support. I’ve even had offers of dates!

What do you think it was about you that people became so instantly fascinated by?

A woman who went on with mad hair, bushy eyebrows and the frock I was wearing had to be noticed. Come on! That particular frock was a good choice at the time, I thought. I’d bought it for my brother’s wedding. It was a dress to impress. But I don’t know. … It’s a hard one to put into context. [It’s] probably the fact that I’m an ordinary person who came from a poor background, and through fate and the help of a great team of people, I was able to rise up from that. I know it’s a cliché but it’s a bit of a Cinderella story.

Some of the newspapers were less than lovely. How did that feel?

You can’t really get annoyed by it. People will write things about you. It is part of the territory you’re in. It felt a wee bit hurtful, and I’m sure if I read everything I would’ve become a wee bit paranoid. But you have to take it all with a pinch of salt. I’m getting used to it now, and I get lots of advice. Back then we all were a bit shocked by the interest, but I had a good team to get me through that unexpected patch.

Do you think it was hard for the media to deal with your instant fame?
I’m the wee wifey with the mop and the cat next door. I went from being an unknown [with] nobody bothering me on the streets to all these headlines with things like “the hairy angel.” The pressure of that I found a bit suffocating because it all happened in such a short space of time.

You had a short spell in the Priory. Why?
I don’t really remember much about it. After the finale, I went there with extreme exhaustion. I hadn’t slept properly for about a week, and I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I was in there for three days, and I’ve never felt so tired. But I look back on it now, and it was a necessity. I wanted to get a rest and a break at the time without all the cameras.

You’ve undergone a bit of transformation — when you look in the mirror now what do you see?
I brush up quite well! It’s a bit like a signet to a swan. Now I see a sophisticated lady. Even though the outwardness has changed, inside I’m still the same, but a bit more refined now in some ways. The whole process has been good for me. I keep reading that I’ve had all this Botox, and the teeth whitening, but I haven’t had that at all! I’ve been working hard and lost a bit of weight which has been good for me.

Comment on this article at TVGuide.com >

Birthday party and blood, lots of blood…

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No, the two are not synonomous with each other – it just happened like that today.

The oldest child-of-mine turns 11 on the 21st of December. As all the friends are normally on holiday by then, I always have a party for her in the last week of school. This year we decided on a teaparty. I thought it would be a lot easier than a normal party. (Thought to self: don’t EVER think!)


Zoe is a stickler for beautiful things, so no chance of throwing together a few things. So, the table was neatly laid with white cups and saucers, ‘n purpley-pinkish organza that reflects different shades, even gold. She put roses, shasta daisies and green stuff in a glass vase. Each little girl had to get a token-gift as well – in this case, a small bottle of shower gel or body lotion. This had silver ribbon around, and at the eleventh hour, I had to print little thank you notes as per madam’s request. 

The serviettes were lilac, tied by them child with a pink satin ribbon. She then tucked a lavender flower into the ribbon. On the table we sprinkled fresh pink roseleaves.

On the menu: sausage rolls, fruit kebabs (strawberry, paw-paw, mellon and fresh pineapple on a scewer), mini kebabs (my children’s favourite since they discovered it a few weeks ago at my dad’s funeral. It consists of thickly sliced viennas, cubes of cheese and slices of gherkins) kebabed onto a toothpick.

Also, melted chocolate with marshamallows and strawberries to dip into chocolate.

Cupcakes, and fresh scones (I baked them myself) with cream and apricot jam.

So far, so good, you may think. But only until you hear that I had the time for the party as 16h, but send out invites saying 15h30. After some urgent work, I jumped into the kitchen at 10 tot 2, which would have been more than enough time. If the people didn’t start pitching at 15h15…

I didn’t look my best (barefaced, no make-up and running around like a headless chicken) but great fun was had by all.

Until seven-year-old-son-of-mine fell over backwards on a chair (they were playing musical chairs or something on the front stoep) and hit his head on the edge of a step. Blood everywhere!! Snot en trane everywhere the blood couldn’t reach.

Note to self: best way to clear a party is blood. Heaps of it. Preferably spraying and gushing enthusiastically. Then people start leaving enthusiastically…

By the way, Luc is fine. Bruised, but alive. And now I’m exhausted. Still have 8 articles to write before next week Wednesday. Two interviews tomorrow, and a book to read before I can do that.


‘n Afrikaanse erediens in die woestyn in Israel, en ‘n Afrikaanse gospelkonsert in Jerusalem.

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Ek was gisteroggend by die launch van een van die geleenthede wat ek dink ‘n mens se hele lewe kan verander. Dis toevallig die tweede keer hierdie jaar dat ek “per ongeluk” beland by ‘n funksie waar Israel bespreek word. Die vorige keer was my belangstelling geprikkel, maar iets het gister aan my hart geraak, en ek hoop regtig ek kan hierdie toer Israel toe meemaak.

Hoekom juis hierdie een? Twee redes: behalwe vir die gewone besienswaardighede wat mens meer leer oor die mense en plekke waarvan jy net in die Bybel lees, is daar ook ‘n aanbiddingsdiens in die woestyn olv Dr. Izak Burger, en ‘n Gospel Gala-aand in Jerusalem waar Angus Buchan gaan praat en waar sangers soos Retief Burger, Ronelle Erasmus, Trevor Sampson, Manuel Escorcia, Bobby van Jaarsveld, Hessel van der Walt, Rina Hugo, Wian Vos, Julius Magan en nog ‘n hele klomp ander gaan optree.


Verbeel jou hoe dit moet voel om ‘n lofprysing- en aanbiddingsaand in jou EIE taal saam met 1999 landgenote in ‘n eeu oue Bybelstad by te woon!


Daar is plek vir 2 000 mense, wat op 100 verskillende en aparte toere deur Israel geneem word deur ervare Israelse en plaaslike toerleiers. Vir die Jerusalem-konsert en die woestyn-diens word die toere so gekoordineer dat almal by dieselfde plek is. Dus is dit nie een massa-toer nie.


Stuur ‘n e-pos na Hessel en Etresia van der Walt by [email protected] as jy meer besonderhede wil he. (Noem my blog as verwysing.) Hulle is ook toerleiers wat al ‘n klompie jare Israel besoek. Die toer word gereel deur ‘n geakkrediteerde en bekende maatskappy, Stargate International, wat al 20 jaar toere na Israel reel.

Hier is die program. Alles behalwe middagete en sakgeld is by die toerprys ingesluit.   




(O)- Ontbyt (A)-Aandete (*)-Ete aan boord die vliegtuig



Dag 1: Saterdag, 02 Oktober


Ontmoet om 18:00 by die El Al toonbank in die

Internasionale vertreksaal van die Johannesburgse

O.R.Tambo Internasionale Lughawe. Vertrek om

20:55 met vlug LY512 na Tel Aviv. Oornag aan




Dag 2: Sondag, 03 Oktober


Stryk in die vroeë oggend-ure op die Ben Gurion

lughawe neer. Vertrek na Caesarea wat teenaan die

Middellandse see geleë is. Reis verder na Megiddo

met sy uitsig oor die vlakte van Armageddon. Reis na

die berg Karmel waar Elia die Baälpriesters

gekonfronteer het. Bring besoek aan Nasaret en reis

oor Kana na Tiberias op die oewer van die See van

Galilea. Aandete en oornag in Nasaret.


Dag 3: Maandag, 04 Oktober


Begin die dag met ‘n bootvaart op die See van

Galilea. Besoek vervolgens die boot Museum,

Kapernaum, Tabgha en Mensa Christi. Sluit die dag

af by die doopplek Yardenit. Aandete en oornag in Nasaret.


Dag 4: Dinsdag, 05 Oktober


Bring vanoggend besoek aan Beth Shean voordat ons koers kies na Jerigo. Besoek die

Berg van versoeking per kabelspoor. In Betlehem besoek ons die geboortekerk en die

Herdersvelde. Ons bestemming is Jerusalem. Aandete en oornag in Jerusalem.


Dag 5: Woensdag, 06 Oktober




Bring vanoggend besoek aan die Olyfberg en die tuin van Getsemane deur. Besoek die

huis van Kajafas bekend as Peter in Gallicantu. Ons besoek die Klaagmuur en onderneem

‘n begeleide toer van die Westelike muur se ondergrondse tonnels. Keer terug na die hotel

vir ‘n vroeë aandete. Vanaand se hoogtepunt is die “Gospel Gala-aand” by die Ou-stad

van Jerusalem waar Angus Buchan ons ook gaan toespreek. Aandete en oornag in



Dag 6: Donderdag, 07 Oktober


Ons eerste stop is die Stad van Dawid met die bad van Siloam en Hiskia se tonnel. Toer

deur die Ou Stad van Jerusalem met die Bad van Bethesda en die Via Dolorosa as

hoogtepunte. Vertoef in die Ou Stad waar ons op die Ou-stadsmure stap en vrye tyd in die

Ou-Stad het. Aandete en oornag in Jerusalem.





Dag 7: Vrydag, 08 Oktober


Sluit ons besoek aan Israel af by die Tuingraf waar nagmaal

bedien word. Reis na ons akkommodasie by die Dooie See waar

ons geleentheid het op die water te dryf. Op die roete vertoef

ons by Qumran waar die Dooie See boekrolle ontdek is.

Oorplasing na Ein Gedi vir vanaand se hoogtepunt waar ons ‘n

aandete geniet en ‘n lofprysingsaand in die Woestyn bywoon. Die

geleentheid word deur Dr Isak Burger gelei. Aandete en oornag

by die Dooie See.


Dag 8: Saterdag, 09 Oktober




Oggend vry om die fasiliteite van ons hotel te geniet. Vertrek na

Massada vir ‘n besoek aan die kruin per kabelspoor.

verder vir een van die hoogtepunte van ons toer – die

Bedoeïenekamp in die woestyn waar u Abraham se

lewenswyse kan ervaar. Aandete en oornag by die



Dag 9: Sondag, 10 Oktober


Vertrek vandag na die vallei van Elah waar Dawid vir Goliat

verslaan het, en reis na Joppe. Die huis van Simon die leerlooier

is vandag nog hier te sien. Geniet ‘n afskeidsete. Oorplasing na

die lughawe vir die vlug na Johannesburg wat laataand vertrek.

Oornag aan boord.


Dag 10: Maandag, 11 Oktober





Stryk om 08:30 in Johannesburg neer.


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Lugreisgeld: R7 985 Landreëlings R13 005 / US$1 734