Jansen’s new groupie

Oktober 29, 2009 in Sonder kategorie

So, now Julius Malema supports Jansen, and it is okay!!?? Whoopee, Julius, my man! Where would other thinking people be without you?

Everybody supports Jansen, but the ANCYL “wants to kill racists”. And then Magic Malema steps in, and all is okay! All of a sardine Jansen is doing the right thing.

Just wondering who the enemy is that Jansen shouldn’t be fed to… Freestate ANCYL perhaps? And since when is Jansen “one of us”? He has always been quite outspoken against the ANC. But maybe I just don’t understand Malema…

What a weird country we live in. Here’s the News 24 update on Malema’s meeting with Jansen:  

Bloemfontein – ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema has come out in full support of University of the Free State rector Jonathan Jansen remaining in his position.

“We do not agree with any call that he must go,” Malema told reporters after a meeting with Jansen, who has come under wide-spread criticism for offering a pardon to the so-called Reitz four.

“Jansen is one of our own,” he later told students. “We cannot feed Jansen to the enemy.”

Malema said as a youth organisation, the ANCYL could not stand in the way of students who wanted to return to university, but disciplinary steps should then be taken against them.

“They must apologise and show remorse when they come back,” said Malema.

TRC-like process

He said that ANCYL had “frank” talks with the rector to say that certain issues must change.

Addressing students, Malema said that the Reitz issue was not about individuals, but the institution.

He said the ANCYL agreed with Jansen that a Truth and Reconciliation Commission-like process should be instituted at the university.

Everybody, black and white, should be able to express their feelings at such a forum as to how they had been affected by racism on the campus.

Malema said he agreed with Jansen that the institution was still racially divided.

Under fire

Jansen came under fire after announcing that the Reitz Four would be allowed to return to campus and continue their studies if they wanted to.

RC Malherbe, Johnny Roberts, Schalk van der Merwe and Danie Grobler still face charges of crimen injuria in court.

Two of the students have already completed their studies, but two others are planning to return to campus.

The four allegedly made a video in which five black university employees were shown taking part in a mock initiation into hostel activities.

The employees were filmed on their hands and knees eating food which had apparently been urinated on by a white student.

Jansen’s decision drew wide-spread criticism, causing him to start a “consultation process” about the matter.


3 antwoorde op Jansen’s new groupie

  1. I hope that supporting or not supporting something someone does does not imply 100% support or not on the whole because whatever Malema says or not I think that the Prof should not gave meddled with the FOUR at this time: not yet but that he should have got going on all those other thiings that he mentioned:-)

    I would have liked to see the Prof enter the FOUr fray at the sentencing phase to offer taking them back and the rest that goes with this.

    As for Malema, I think that he was given a serious talking to but of course there is no guard at his mouth!!

  2. Soos ek gesê het toe ek vroer vandag daar oor geblog het die man is nes sy grootbaas draai sy mantel na die – maw kies woorde wat hy dink sy gehoor sal van hou om te hoor.

  3. Ek dink Prof Jansen is net slimmer as Julius…

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