It’s too much now

Oktober 29, 2009 in Sonder kategorie

Went to the hospital tonight (after taking a break of a few hours this afternoon), and found my dad pulled out his drip, tried to pull of the nappy and kicked all the blankets off the bed. Totally bewildered, just staring into nothingness with his watery blue eyes. As it was exactly at 19h00, the nurses were handing over shifts. They immediately came to calm him down and clean the bed.

So, I had to make another difficult call: it seems like it’s time to restrain him. At least one hand, so that he can’t pull out the drip, and injure himself anymore (yesterday it was the catheter).

After they cleaned him and the bed, he was totally exhausted. After reading a piece from the Bible, I prayed for him. This seemed to calm him down.

I also told him that it is fine if he wants to go to my mom, that I will manage on my own and that I know he is suffering. I know zilch about what one should say to dying people, and really wish that this could end now. I don’t know for how long I can keep this up. I wonder why God chose me (out of four siblings) to watch two parents die?

My flu turned into bronchitis. Barking like a dog. My friend Jackie mixed up a concoction of honey and some Lennon’s medicines. Hopefully I can sleep tonight, as I couldn’t for the better part of last night.

What will tomorrow bring?

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  1. My pa het dieselfde gedoen. Dit is nie maklik om te aanskou nie. My gedagtes is absoluut met jou. Sterkte. xxxx

  2. keep your head up, good luck..

  3. Hugs and blessings to you and your Dad.

  4. algoabay het gesê op Oktober 30, 2009

    Sterkte vir jou, hoop jy voel ook gou beter. Dink aan jou!

  5. optout het gesê op Oktober 30, 2009

    It is so difficult to watch a parent die especially if they are suffering, you want the suffering to end but you don’t want to lose your parent – lots of conflicting emotions. You will find that you have the strength to do what has to be done and afterwards you will be glad that you were able to.

  6. We having experienced similar can still not advise, only say we share in your frustration. Hang in and be strong.

  7. So jammer vir jou en jou familie, maar weet ook dat die tyd ryp was. Dink aan jou!

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