Update: dad, Rooi Rose/CANSA-tea, Frieda’s book

Oktober 28, 2009 in Sonder kategorie

Sitting with him in hospital. He’s not in pain, but gets very agitated at times (dementia). Pulled the catheter out, ball-thingie (valve)? and all. Still enough presence of mind to get mad about the wet nappy (although he has been wearing them for over a year, he was only partly incontinent up till now.)

Shakes in his hands (Parkinsons) worst ever – it looks like a cold fever hit him.

His speech has deteriorated since yesterday – was barely audible recently (Parkinsons affects the vocal chords very early on, making the voice softer and softer) but add to this the dementia and physical weakness, and you can understand why I’m the one walking around the hospital with a dumbfounded look…

The Rooi Rose/Cansa-tea was the perfect place to launch Frieda’s book. Almost 1 500 very smartly dressed women with beautifully decorated, elegant teatables and high tea-style snacks! A beautiful event, with Anna Davel as guest artist and breast cancer survivor Carike Keuzenkamp as guest speaker.

I didn’t stay till the end, as I had to get home for dad, as well as the kids. Luc was convinced his arm was broken (result of a bit of wrestling) and so tearful that I felt I had to have it checked out. After wasting 2 hours waiting for the doctor, turns out it’s only a bad bruise. Zoe has a heavy cold, and it seems the flu I was trying to ward off with Tamiflu, will turn into laringitis.

Imagine what a conversation between Dad and I will sound like tomorrow … 🙂

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  1. Thanks Bloggs! Jip, could do with a break, I think…

  2. Madmom, I’m afraid there’s not much me-time at the moment. I have a LOT of deadlines to make, even more so after missing almost 6 days of work (I often work over weekends, which I couldn’t do last weekend). So, can’t really afford to feel sorry for myself, otherwise I don’t get any money at the end of November/December/January. (At some mags we work three months in advance, so if I don’t deliver now, I don’t get paid later.) So, think of me – operating on adrenaline at the moment. But I DO sleep at least six hours a night!

  3. Thanks everybody, for your thoughts and prayers. I can feel it working.

  4. Haha, more like “voices for the voiceless”.

  5. zephur het gesê op Oktober 29, 2009

    Sterkte daar Tannemys

  6. Thx Zep! Is besig om my bietjie onder te kry, ek moet bieg…

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