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Oktober 28, 2009 in Sonder kategorie

The dreaded call from hospitaldidn’t come during the night. As Dad’s pain is increasing, I went to bed last night fearing that this might be the night where the phone will ring.

Frieda Bernard, the brave cancer survivor and author of the newly published Die Engele Om My (the story of her struggle against cancer for the past 10 years, the manuscript I helped to develop) was meant to launch her book in style at Cansa Pretoria’s annual zhoosh morning tea (Rooi Rose is the main sponsor for the last how many yonks). LAPA publishers had a small launch for Frieda at Die Boekehuis last week Wednesday, and on the way there her daughter phoned me to say her mother won’t make it, could I please do it.

It turned out that Frieda had a stroke that morning. I am so sad for her. She started her 7th series of chemo on October 16th (your body can seldom handle more than three series in a LIFETIME, as it affects the heart and other organs). It all became just too much for her poor battered body, but she is still not giving up her fight and is trying to get her speech and movement back with the help of experts and a neurologist. Hats off to my very brave friend!

Anyway, today is the CANSA-tea and the big book launch, and Frieda’s place will be empty. Hopefully most of the ladies there (a few hundred) will buy the book and take courage from Frieda’s battle. (The book is also excellent reading material for family members and friends of cancer sufferers.)

Will quickly pop in with dad, and then go to Pretoria and attend the function as a salute to brave Frieda!

Funnies for today:

8 antwoorde op Dad, Die Engele Om My, Funnies for today

  1. Good morning and glad to see you still have a good sense of humour. Doen so voort dit bring krag.

  2. If I lose that, you’ll have to shoot me.

  3. People out here are drawing from your strength, thank you.

  4. Only a pleasure, Nocomment!

  5. Thanks MM!

  6. Napier het gesê op Oktober 28, 2009

    Good on you Tannemys, you are doing wonders. Thinking of your dad and Frieda and hugs to you.

  7. Dankie Penkop! Veilig ry ‘n baie nodige wens in Gauteng op die oomblik. Deesdae koes ons vir padwerke, nie meer highjackers nie…

  8. Thanks all! I really appreciate you thinking of us.

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