Latest update on my dad

Oktober 27, 2009 in Sonder kategorie

He is calm and sedated. Spoke to the specialist this morning. He said his not going to order a scan, unless we insist. Said it will be a waste of R7 500, as he won’t be able to treat anything he sees on there. Like the other two doctors since yesterday, he believes the severe back pain is a result from the prostate cancer spreading to the bones, something the hospice sister also suggested on Saturday. The severe abdominal pain just above the bladder makes it even more logical that it is indeed the prostate cancer.

So, the treatment will be to ensure that he stays pain-free.

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  1. Dit is ‘n goeie plan om hom al die ongerief te spaar en net sonder pyn te hou. Sterkte weereens.

  2. Sterkte vir julle. Ek dra julle op in my gebede.

  3. unquiet het gesê op Oktober 27, 2009

    I am very sorry to read about your dad . I too have a father who is terminally ill and although at this stage my dad is still ok , I have no idea how much longer we have with him. I find the thought of losing him truly devastating and I empathize with you deeply .
    I pray that your father remains pain free and that you derive strength , love and comfort from friends and family close to you .

  4. Thanks unquiet. It is terrible, but I take great comfort from the fact that I know he loved God all his life and that he is on his way to Him now. I can see he is peaceful, despite the odd pain breaking through the painkillers. Strongs for you as well!

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