Thought YOU had a bad hair day?

Augustus 31, 2009 in Sonder kategorie

From what I read on just now, your three hair standing in six directions is really not all that serious.

Firstly, because you didn’t have to dish out £20 000 for the haircut, like the “poor” celebs getting their hair coiffed at a certain Covent Garden hairsalon.(And no, it DOESN’T include a plane ticket to get there…)

£20K haircut

A celebrity stylist is charging £20,000 for a wash, cut and blow dry.

Hairdressers Stuart and Tabatha Phillips /Rex

Stuart Phillips salon in London’s Covent Garden has Swarovski crystal chandeliers and Japanese shampoo beds.

Clients are not only offered a treat for their hair but they can have champagne on tap and order anything from the menu at the five-star Covent Garden Hotel just across the road.

Clients flying in from Moscow or New York will be put up for two nights in the hotel.

Bodyguards, interpreters or personal chefs can also be provided. Plus a chauffeur.

Stuart told the Daily Mirror: “You get treated like a king or queen, it’s glamour and luxury all the way – and you will leave looking a million dollars.

“I love it because the client is smiling all day and it’s the best job in the world.”

And secondly, you didn’t physically attack your hairdresser for making you look ugly like one Ruzica Radovic from Serbia. (Unconfirmed sources just whispered in my ear that the poor hairdresser might now be living in Putsonderwater after her near death experience…)

Angry customer attacks hairdresser

A furious customer had to be dragged off her hairdresser by police after her perm went wrong at a salon in Serbia.

Hairdressers /Rex

Terrified Nevena Zivkovic dialled cops when hysterical Ruzica Radovic saw her bubble perm in a mirror after the treatment at a beauty parlour in Novi Sad.

Ruzica – who had to be calmed with a sedative at hospital – insisted she hadn’t asked for curly hair.

A police spokesman said: “When we got a call from the shop we thought that there was a criminal in there attacking the staff.

“But instead what we found when we got there was an extremely angry lady who was unhappy with her hairdo.

“Our officers have had to deal with some very strange situations before but none of us can remember anything like this.”

Shop owner Zivkovic said: “I am still in shock. She just went wild. If she was that unhappy she could have just said and we would have refunded her money.”

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