English 101 for Malema & Co

Augustus 31, 2009 in Sonder kategorie

Had a nice laugh about all the goings on of Malema and company in front of court today. 

Malema was taken to court by Sonke Gender Justice Network because he said that most women who claim that they have been raped only say so after they had a good time and asked for breakfast and taxi fare. 

Shame, poor old Jules. He can never get it right.

His fans went out to support their leader, and guess what it said on their posters?


Now, if that is not economic I don’t know what is!!! You can use the same poster whether you are singing his praises  OR threatening the rest of us. 

Just glue a T over the -nds in Hands to make it HATS (for singing his praises), and voila! “Hats of to our president”.

Or, if you want to threaten those not taking their hats off, scratch out the TO and make it “Hands off our president”.

Maybe Malema has his eye on the job of minister of finance… Or even a planning portfolio…

2 antwoorde op English 101 for Malema & Co

  1. hutton het gesê op Augustus 31, 2009

    Lord forbid!!!!

  2. Filemon het gesê op September 3, 2009

    laughed at that poster as well 😀

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