Very important notice from Eskom’s Helpdesk

Januarie 17, 2008 in Sonder kategorie

(Got this in two seperate mails this morning. Thought I’ll combine it to empower you – pun intended – in this dark times we are experiencing courtesy of Eskom.)

Dear Electricity Consumer,

Just a little note to let you know we understand your anger in the recent price hike & power cuts.

But it should be noted that you have no choice. We are a big company and you will pay what we tell you.

You have no choice.

We have the power, you need the power.

So sad, too bad. Sucks to be you.

Have a nice day and keep those cheques coming, loser!



Ps. A photo of our helpdesk to help you put a name to the voice on the answering machine.

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  1. Cosmos het gesê op Januarie 17, 2008


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