There is no future in the past!

Januarie 7, 2008 in Sonder kategorie

A thought to start 2008 with.

“Dwell on the past — but not the negative past, not the pain of the past nor the sadness. Dwell on the good. Be consumed by past joys and obsessed with gratitude.

Dwell upon the moments that uplifted you, the times you laughed and the memories of love shown to you by friends and family.

Not everything should be remembered, and those who live well know what to forget and what to cherish. Like the song says, “There ain’t no future in the past.”

But there IS joy there. And love. And kindness…if we choose to remember.”

— Steve Goodier 

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 Photo: Ilse Salzwedel, Savute, Botswana.


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