Favorite pieces

July 10, 2018 in Uncategorized

Ever noticed how subconsciously you do stuff. Really weird how we humans work.

You can be any person anywhere around the world no matter age or gender we all do this.

There is always your favorite piece of underwear,shirt,shorts,shoes,socks you name it. Doesn’t matter how new or how old there is always just the one piece that’s always more comfortable and we don’t know why. I bet you all also have a specific spoon, fork, knife, plate or cup that you don’t like or use at all because you just don’t like it or makes stuff taste differently. Yet our minds work and think so different but in a way we all think alike. That propably doesn’t make any sense but I guess in a way it does.

It just shows once again that no matter race, gender or age we are the same species and our brains are wired the same way whether most of you like it or not. Just a simple example like this tells me all I need to know

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